the secret to a happy marriage

This captioned photo works for many husbands and wives
Another way a woman might discover that her husband has a fantasy about spanking, besides a habit of searching for porn. This will lead to her spanking him, for HER BENEFIT, NOT HIS!
thus a woman should follow this idea
A husband needs your constant vigilance. His staring at any other woman deserves your attention
and even pretending to show his delight in this woman's beauty, or actually following through on a dare by the woman

my advice to you
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

The hairbrush, bathbrush, my wife favorite instruments. Spankings are given in the bedroom, facing the wall is always the front room or kitchen. My wife is very good and as she states I act very much a naughty little boy when being spanked. I think the worse part is her pulling my pants and underpants down, scolding me like a naughty little boy, sometimes it is long, sometimes short and then the spanking, sometimes long, sometimes short, but no matter what, I dance around afterwards rubbing and crying and I face the wall for at least a half hour. Shawn

Anonymous said...

At first the spankings were few and far between, I found that the internet helped and selected magazines. Well I also found out that my wife found the magazines and then checked the computer, times changed. That first spankings after the finding, I stood facing the wall crying and wanting so bad to rub for a good hour. She could care less if others hear the spanking or drop in a see me standing facing the wall. What I hate the most she added to the spankings, if really naughty I must go to the bedroom, strip and wait for her and then face the wall in the front room, not the kitchen, still naked, but with a very red bottom, and most of the time takes awhile to get the crying under control. She states that is how a naughty boy in her family will be spanked when very naughty.Shawn

Red said...

Shawn: your fantasy has become reality. Hope you are still enjoying the submission, the scenario of submission, and the learning experience of how to behave better, and be spanked only occasionally.
bottoms up

Baxter said...

great pictures

Njspank said...

I love that first one....wow

Anonymous said...

Spankings and femdom spice up my sexlife with Lindsay.

Best wishes,


kdpierre said...

Red, you probably know I love to caption already-captioned images. In looking at the one of the buxom lady by the tree I could not help but think:

"Spank me? But honestly, I was only thinking that your dress must be made of some impressively strong fabric."

Anonymous said...

The spankings have taught me the wife should be in charge, I'm less stressed. Women raised the child, so why not in marriage continue to raise the child. My wife states that men are just little boys in adult bodies. One thing for sure I feel like a little boy when getting a spanking, a very naughty little boy. Our marriage is going to last, the spankings will insure that. Shawn

Red said...

shawn: there is more to marriage than spanking,but it is a helpful feature that you both enjoy this kink, and it satisfies some of both of your needs.
good luck
bottoms up

Red said...

baxter, Ron glad you liked them

Marco; wonderful that it works for both of you
kdpierre: as she said, a man with a dirty mind, and loving it.
bottoms up