strong spanking video with effective scolding (with Audrey Knight)

This Audrey Knight video is one that I wholeheartedly approve of!

A spanking with cause is being given, and thus such a spanking should be significant, to help modify behavior.

The spanking is slowly given, enabling a much more effective scolding and harder spanking. Pauses to scold, allows the spankee to recover a little, and the recommencement of the spanking just re-ignites the soreness stronger and stronger.

I am uncertain, but I believe from previous email discussion with Stefan, that this was a spanking REQUESTED BY ABIGAIL WHITTAKER, possibly for this exact reason.

I think every viewer of my blog will enjoy watching this spanking and scolding!

It is the type of spanking that Cindy has given me once, but is more firm than all the other spankings  I have been given.  This is the level of spanking intensity that is sometimes needed. I will ask Cindy to watch this video at a later date, and suggest that she make any of my earned punishment spankings similar to this. (current not too too serious health issues, but serious enough to be requiring IV antibiotics, which will curtail everything). I will be posting less, or short posts, for the forthcoming week or more.

When you have finished watching the video ( a few times probably), you should visit
Audrey and her husband Stefan's site.

This spanking continues, as this is just part one of a forty minute spanking and scolding session, which may involve corner time in between or afterwards.  and more is to be seen eventually either here or on their website. A confirmed long time spanking recipient such as Abigail, is used to more than this.

As we can see, the Spanking is given with Abi wearing panties, and the panties are only lowered  near the end of the video. Also, the bottom part of her delectable bottom is well spanked, but other portions of her bottom, are still white!

In my own little fantasy land, I would love to be spanked like this first part by Audrey, ONCE!.

I know I would truly rue this fantasy if it ever came to pass. Whatever transpires in the next portion is not included in my fantasy. Cindy has, however, when using a leather paddle, and now the leather tawse, concentrated on the upper portion of my bottom, that is not padded enough for a wooden implement, after using a wooden implement on the lower part of my bottom.



Anonymous said...

Scolding and Spankings go one in one. My wife enjoys scolding me, reminds me I've been a naughty little boy, standing there bare from the waist down, erection which she states will be gone soon, hairbrush in plain view. The spanking is bad, the scolding continues and facing the wall displaying my red, warm, stinging bare bottom just adds to the punishment. Bottom line a woman knows how to properly scold and add to the punishment.

Anonymous said...

I dated a much older woman and on more than one occasion my actions reminder her of when she raised her children. I was spanked, her scolding was worse than the spanking. Standing there as an adult, your bottom bare, feeling very little. Scolding stopped with the spanking started, and as she told me the spankings and scolding will get worse each time a spanking is required and she was true to her word.

Anonymous said...

Feel Better Red!! Audrey is fantastic. Great scolding and a Great spanking! Thanks.
PS. I hope Cindy is keeping a regular check on your temperature. If Cindy is anything like my wife you'll be bottoms up for that temperature check. HaHa!!!!

kdpierre said...

The apparent sincerity of it all is very evident, from the reasons, to the scolding, to the spanking itself. Anyone in a DD relationship can relate to the reality of the initial resistance and subsequent surrender. BUT......what the heck is with that editing?! It's like a "spanking video for viewers with ADD"....warning: not to be viewed by anyone prone to motion sickness or epilepsy. Criminy! Just keep the transition of perspectives smooth and pertinent.----All the best!---KDP

Anonymous said...

If only Audrey would get her site finally going. She seems to have an insane amount of cool stuff to sell.

Njspank said...

Amazing as we spoke I agree with you I would love toe over her knee and yes but only like this. She is so awesome but way too heavy for me... Spankings are spankings. Thanks for sharing.

Njspank said...

I meant to comment too such chemistry with these two, love when Abigail holds her leg. Panty up for a while is totally cool. Love it.

Dan Mel said...

I know that type of spanking all to well. My wife has spanked me like that a few times. A few of the times my wife kept me over her knee for a long period was when I was suppose to meet friends to go golfing. She knew they would call looking for me and she would tell them I would be a little late because we were having a discussion. The only discussion we were having was her scolding and lecturing me while paddling me.

Anonymous said...

The amount of punishment is beyond what I would call 'appropiate'.
It's consensual, but I find it disturbing to see.

Best wishes,


Red said...

anon:very true
anon:best to learn from each spanking, so that they are not too numerous
jayjay: getting better, but very slowly. glad you liked the video
kdpierre: it appears to be actually very real. They are experimenting with different use of video, as opposed to a simple camera angle
anon:very true. enjoy the freebies
ron we agree, and there is great chemistry
dan: sounds like you were all warmed up when you went golfing. Smart wife, did they arrive while you were being spanked?
marco: everyone has their own tastes, this is strong
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

For some reason I couldn't open the clip but did read the comments and it sounds good. As far as scolding goes my wife gets an A. Prior to punishment there is a discussion on why the spanking is taking place with me standing nude then into position. after the first swat the scolding starts and lasts thru the entire spanking. For me it really adds to the entire spanking.

Red said...

archedone: I am trying to find the video to re-post. Glad R has you well under her thumb during a spanking.
bottoms up