spanking thoughts

another short post
 so whether you want/ need to spank him to keep life happy (or at his request)
or he wants/needs to spank her to keep life happy ( or at her request)
 and when I saw this I immediately thought of Ronnie, Hermione, Jan and Bonnie
do have fun in life, and always remember be TACTFUL

 bottoms up


Njspank said...

Love the post

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, nice post! Hope you are having fun
love Jan, xx

Joe said...

Hi Red, nice post as usual I especially like pic #2. Hoping that is what my butt looks like tonight except I like to be spanked naked. Keep motherhood work.

Red said...

Ron: you are welcome
Jan: we had a ball, thanks
Joe: glad you liked the post, hope your spanking was memorable
bottoms up

Fun Stuff said...

When my boyfriend spank me for discipline its nothing less than an adult equivalent to childhood spanking. He like the belt or sometimes paddles the dickens out me with flat part of the handle of a bamboo backscratcher. If I get paddled, he put his foot on a stepping stool and puts my 5' 3" petite body over her thigh so I'm dangling in half. If its with a belt I am bent over the couch. Either way, when its a discipline spanking my safe word is nullified and there's no specified number of whacks, it doesn't stop until he decides, not me. My jeans and panties have to be pushed all the way down to my knees for all spankings. When he's done I'm crying out of control with hiccup type sobbing Last time, he caught me with marijuana and he paddled thoroughly and than made me cut my own switch made push everything down again and lit into me so hard and fast I didn't have time to catch my breath. They were all rapid fire and it didn't end quickly either. I did that post spanking hoping up and down frantically rubbing my ass as I stiffened up and pushed my hip forwards. I've never done that post spanking hop before. He was so impressive by my reaction that he is going to use a switch more often. He said he like me doing that post spanking hop performance. Is that weird?

Red said...

fun stuff: the only thing I disagree with it that you compare your spanking to spanking children. Please do not include that, and i will post all of your comments. I am assuming you are an adult, making consensual adult decisions
bottoms up