Role play

Another tumblr some people might like in regards to role playing, is the naughty school girl being spanked.  If you enjoy this fantasy, then you might fantasize about having a young lady bending over, happily, for her spanking
 or not quite so happy as the spanking begins

is a site you might like to visit.
however, maybe you prefer to think of the school girl spanking you
or maybe you like the idea of having a reason to spank her
come with me young girl
and bare that bottom for your spanking
and then the girl will apologize for her actions
 of course, you might be called to the headmaster's office

and your girlfriend might have a spanking in store
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

It is I who is spanked, my wife enjoys giving and I enjoy getting. Role play is used and I'm her naughty little boy. I call her Mommy when I'm naughty, spankings can happen anywhere, always over her lap, always hand then hairbrush, corner time, bath, pajamas for rest of day. It will be a couple of days later that we enjoy the sexual fun it provides, my bottom is sore, and being a naughty little boy sexual involvement is not allowed at that time.

Njspank said...

Nice post. Love the panties. Bend over is lovely but still love OTK

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

Our role play is best when Lindsay becomes 'the nurse'. She's one in real life, so she knows some stuff to keep it 'up' for a long time.


Red said...

joe: sex delayed usually means a great encounter when it occurs.
ron:i like otk better also
Marco:delightful..please share some of her secrets
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

My wife is an elementary school teacher. Although my fantasies are more along the lines of maternal hairbrush spanking, I do get turned on by her "teacher voice" when I need to be disciplined.

Red said...

anon; glad it works for both of you
bottoms up