protect your hands

Cindy hurt one finger once while spanking me with her hand
Ever since then, implements are a girl's best friend
and as a spanked male should remember: never question  why you are about to be spanked
be thoughtful  to avoid being spanked
and be willing to learn
bottom baring time
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 bottoms up



Simon said...

I have been fortunate enough to have been beaten by the lady in the 1st picture and can confirm that she wields a mean strap/tawse.

Njspank said...

I love the dress in the second picture just hot. And grabbing the brush from her panty drawer picture totally erotic

Baxter said...

excellent. love the captions

Anonymous said...

I feel for Cindy as R has also hurt her hand while spanking me and it's true implements are a girls best friend.

Dan Mel said...

That is the exact reason why my wife uses a paddle or strap on me. She says using her hand hurts and the object isn't for her to hurt it's for me to hurt and feel the pain.

Anonymous said...

We always use the brush, the cane or the horse-whip.....


Red said...

simon: if she has a website, please write it here so I can give recognition to her site

ron: you are welcome

baxter: glad you liked the post

archedone: very true

Dan: I completely agree

marco: they will always be suitably effective

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Love the hairbrush in her panty drawer. It's where Laurie keeps hers too.

Red said...

anon: it is a rather erotic situation... thanks for writing
bottoms up