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Some of my readers are males who enjoy wearing panties.  I enjoy wearing them at times, as it totally changes the mood and gives a delicious naughty feeling.
Here are some captioned ideas, which shows that at least a small percentage of males enjoy the erotic thrill and/or domination if you see it that way.

If it is another reason you become erect, then you can see your wife saying something of this nature:
You might object, but without having to spank you, you will quickly acquiesce
We do have some matching panties in differing sizes, which are fun to purchase together at Victoria's Secret  (i imagine the sales woman can guess they are his and hers)
As the joke goes:
One man asks his male friend: When did you start wearing panties
His response: after my wife found a pair under the front seat of my car...

Some of the reasons I sometimes put on panties is that nylon, lace, or fine cotton , is much softer and more sensual than the usual coarse cotton of men's underwear. They are also designed to fit snugly on your bottom, which is a focal point for anyone who enjoys spankings. If wearing them, I usually wear them backwards, thus giving more support in front, and a more erotic feel in the back.

Questions for male readers:
Do you ever wear panties, and if so, how often?

If your wife asked you to wear a pair of panties as a prelude to making love, would you?

your opinion on males wearing panties

I am male, and have worn panties
I am male, and have NEVER worn panties
I am male, and would wear panties if my partner asked

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I have three pairs of panties. Black boy leg style, silver thong, and a bright red pair with ruffles. Very exciting to wear them for the wife. JayJay

Njspank said...

Wow. My favorite topic along with spanking. First as the lap I love to give long spankings over a panty....I find the panty to be the most erotic and sexy garment on a lady.
As the bottom, yes please I love being spanked wearing a panty, so hot and erotic. One scene we do is I go plans but panties as a gift but then am made to model them and get spanked hard. Also being caught in the panty drawer a fabulous scene ... The sex after is off the charts. Love it and thanks for acknowledging the wonderful world of panties.

otkloverjohn said...

Red I too enjoy how panties feel against my skin, and especially when over red hot spanked bottom.

Red said...

JayJay: I agree they are very exciting, and sensual to wear. I must have about twenty pairs, and we have two matching pairs.

ron; we very much agree.

otkloverjohn: i agree

rachel w: glad to know you wear the pants
michelle: busted either way it turns out
bottoms up