never keep a woman wating

 A sign that might indicate you are in trouble, is if you see her waiting at the window

and she comes to open the door before you have gotten to the door
and opens it for you

the look in her eye makes you glance at her hands, and now you know why!
and, rest assured, she will wait while you undress and hang up your clothes, before she spanks you, but any delaying will only increase the intensity of your spanking.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My wife enjoys watching me wait, bare from the waist down, an erection on display, promising to be good, the scolding. She feels it is as much a part of the punishment as the spanking itself. When she does finally give me the spanking I earned, I wish I was still waiting.

Anonymous said...

My husband as part of his punishment I make wait for his spanking. He is so cute, bottom bare, looks like a naughty little boy waiting for his Mommy to spank him. He also must wait until I tell him he can pull up his pants, he facing the wall, no matter who might show up, I just tell them he has been a naughty little boy. He does think twice for awhile, but then finds himself waiting. Audrey

Anonymous said...

I learned from our first date that she was going to be my wife, one who took charge, what I was looking for. When I do something really bad, the wait is the worse part. I thought I got away with it only once, she did nothing until the next morning. Waited until I step out of the shower and I was soon over her lap in the kitchen and my wet bare bottom was being soundly spanked. It really stung and I danced around the kitchen from that spanking. What made it worse I had to face the wall, longer than normal. She then had me in my pajamas the rest of the day, when my mother-in-law came over, she knew of the spankings, she smiled at me, naughty little boy I see, I said nothing, but had to show her my spanked bottom.

Baxter said...

My wife met me at the door once with paddle in hand and followed me up to the bedroom and allowed me to undress before she gave me a good paddling. It was a welcome surprise and hope it happens again

Njspank said...

Love it. We do this once in a while as roles......so sexy.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

this is a fantasy of mine.....Lindsay waiting for me to get home, all dressed up and ready for action.


Anonymous said...

It is I who wait, standing there, sometimes naked, most time bare from the waist down. Seeing the hairbrush, getting a long scolding. I always get an erection, she could care less, when she does finally decide to give me the spanking, it is relief and knowing sitting is going to be hard. The wait does not end, it is facing the wall afterwards, displaying my very red spanked bare bottom, she enjoys the sight, no matter who might drop in, I stay facing the wall until told otherwise.

Red said...

anon: very, very true

AUDREY: just wondering if this is Audrey Knight. sounds delightful, but I would want the lecture to last forever, knowing your spanking me awaits

anon: sounds delightful, and many more spankings await you

baxter:a delightful surprise. Remind her how much you appreciated her surprise, it may then happen more often

Ron; very true

Marco: you should tell Lindsay, or send her a link to this post

anon: glad it is approriate for you and your wife
bottoms up