Audrey Knight on Twitter

I received quite a while ago this email,but vacation and illness prevented me from advertising this new way of knowing about Audrey spanking someone.

Hi Red
      Thank you so very much.  Our Tumblr blog is going strong, and we thank you for referring your readers to it.  Tumblr, though, is a bit capricious in what it does and does not find acceptable.  So while we continue to post content there in the form of pics, gifs, and short videos, the best way to keep up with all the fun is actually to follow us on twitter:
        We are finding that Twitter allows us to have a lot of fun with our followers, including allowing them to see real life domestic discipline spankings in (almost) real time.  I can’t quite say where I know where it’s going, but, so far, a lot of our followers have had a good time getting to weigh in on punishments before they go down, or just getting a kick out of one of Audrey’s famous “You are on official notice for a punishment spanking in one hour texts.”  
         We’d be terribly grateful if it’s possible if you could add the Twitter address to the post.  If any of your followers have a Twitter account and want to send us a tweet, it’s simply @Spanking360.   I understand, though, that it’s a holiday weekend and you have some holiday fun planned, so please don’t worry if you can’t quite get to it this time around.

All of our best to you and Cindy,
STEF (My real name is actual Stepháne, but most of my friends either call me Stef or by my nickname, Rudepeeps, and I hope that you will too)

My father was always fond of saying call me anything but late for dinner! :-)

I am not on twitter, but maybe it is time. Their are just so many venues, and I always want to be certain that my spanking related activities, are never linked to my everyday accounts. 

but alas, don't expect to see Audrey being spanked, but that would be wonderful.... Stefan should get to work arranging this scenario..
bottoms up


Njspank said...

Thanks for sharing. She is awesome

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

a bit too harsh for me.....


Red said...

Ron: absolutely!!!!
Marco: some are, but some are slow and steady, with effective scolding, building a heat in the bottom that lasts for days. Some are absolutely excellent!
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Red - You may find Twitter to be handy in everyday life as well. Topics that matter to you, news content that you want, weather for specific event (people post about weather for say, a Cubs babseball game), etc. Yours to pick and choose from There's lots of professional postings (News, businesses) and fans of activities to follow and possibly interact with.

Red said...

Matt: Thanks for the info on twitter. I will look into it, but then have to decide for being red often or my real name.... would not want both versions.. too easy to make a mistake
bottoms up