adventurous tuesdays: an outdoor spanking

I periodically come back to this topic, as it adds an additional thrill to being spanked.
It might happen on a secluded park bench, where the thought and worry of some one seeing you
gets lessened in your mind as your bottom is spanked
This treat of being spanked outdoors awaits both men and women. You might find yourself naked over your wife's lap at the back of your house.
or over her knee at the backyard pool
TRAVELING: So many options are possible:
Being bent over the hood of a car bare bottomed in a deserted parking lot
Remember, it only takes a moment to have him bare his bottom. and start to spank him... And in our society, cars driving by seeing a woman doing the spanking would not have people rushing to the defense of the man, whereas the reverse would give the impression of abuse

another road, another spanking this time bending a bit onto the trunk
a pick-up truck has a convenient place for you to bend over, and a man always wears a belt
and a pick-up truck has no preference as to who is being spanked
sometimes she really means you to feel the spanking
A stroll in the park might have you lowering your pants and panties when a suitable switch makes it's presence known
 A walk in the woods is almost asking to be spanked
but this is UNSAFE unless the woman has something underneath between the wood and her
This caption is so very true

and the question to you!!!!!


 I have been spanked outdoors, a few times! They were in public places with no one around! The spankings were short, but DELIGHTFUL.

A real life adventure  by a member of the group
Last Summer while on a trip out into the Pacific North West during a long day of driving my wife could tell I was getting antsy for an outdoor spanking. We had been talking a bit throughout the day about my spanking desires and I wondered if she would take advantage of my revelations. When we got near the coast into the deep wet forest she saw a logging road with the gate unlocked. She told me to get off the 2 lane highway and follow the gravel road for a distance. When she determined we were far enough from public or another car traveling on this remote road she told me to stop the car and get out. She also got out,reached into trunk and pulled out a leather belt from my suitcase then told me to start walking. She walked behind and delivered several smacks as we looked for a good place to wander off the road for more seclusion. Finding a suitable place she marched me deeper into the woods and found a long ago fallen old-growth tree. She then had me pull down my pants/underwear and lay over the tree trunk. It was then the real spanking started and continued uninterrupted in the deep woods. I recall it as a very good spanking.... .in awesome scenery!!!!. ..... but not a great one because she ended up hurting herself with the belt on each swing as it would catch her side or arm in the flailing of the leather. She stopped way too soon and even though we were in the deep forest not a suitable switch was to be found in the immediate vicinity and she worried we would be caught by a passing vehicle. I am happy to report she is getting much better with other belts and practice. I am also happy in hope for another outdoor spanking this summer in the PNW as we travel out there again.
I hope the author does not mind, as their is no personal information written, and it totally fits this post
bottoms up


Njspank said...

As w I said before. Not yet but do want it so it is high on the spanking bucket list. Some really erotic pictures. Thanks

Red said...

Ron hope it happens soon
bottoms up

lobster said...

Have given spankings outdoors followed by incredible sex. A wonderful experience I highly recommend.

Anonymous said...

Shawn, the girl rubbing her bottom, my wife had enough of my foolishness on a recent camping trip, she waited until evening to inform me I was getting a spanking. I figure being late, no one would see, we camp out from others, my luck a middle age lady heard me crying, checking it out saw me getting spanked, just smiled and told my wife make sure it is very warm and stinging when your done, my wife said it will be. It was, being seen by a stranger was the worse.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have been spanked many times outdoors. Several times on mountain trails while on hikes. But most recently my wife came out in the yard to bring me inside for an attitude adjustment but she brought the hairbrush along. She marched me out of the garden and over to the patio for a scolding and she punctuated each reprimand with a crack from the brush. Then I was told to hold on to the edge of the table and she grabbed hold of the waistband of my summer shorts, gave me a wedgey and proceeded to crack me a good dozen on each cheek as she continued the lecture. I dared not complain lest she strip me down right there in the yard. Thankfully she marched me inside for the rest of my spanking which was delivered on my bare behind. For the rest of the afternoon she had me lying on my back while she ground my sore fanny into the bed with a wild cowgirl ride to orgasm. When I finally went limp after my own orgasm she just moved up to my had and told me to lick. I love being told what to do!!
Mind you, we do have a secluded yard but it is not completely private in that some of our patio is visible from the neighbors yard. JayJay

Baxter said...

good stuff

Red said...

lobster: the great outdoors for spankng is great...

anon: the chance of being seen being spanked is always a possibility.

JayJay: sounds delightful. thanks for sharing..
Baxter: glad you liked it
bottoms up

Pizza Paddle said...

Yes, outdoors spankings are not so uncommon for me, that is why my wife insists we keep a "spare" clothes brush in the back of our car.
I tend to get stroppy on some car trips and there have been times I've been told to pull over and off the road for a quick lesson with that dreaded clothes brush. I have been bent over and spanked on my underpants, just out of plain sight, but within sight of cars if anyone dared to look carefully. I have had my pants taken down and off completely in secluded beach car parks, so as I'm bent over the front of the car and spanked, my pants and underpants sit in front of me on the car.
My wife even took one of our "spanking paddles" along for a canoe trip, just to have me strip naked on the side of a river for a leisurely, (for her), spanking that had me kicking and moaning. This one was interrupted by an older couple in kayaks that decided to stop and watch while by behind took on a magnificent glow. They chuckled as my wife almost jumped at their presence. The lady then said,"keep up the good work dear, I'm sure he deserves it, my husband sure does at times", and they just paddled off. My wife then finished with a few hard wacks and let me up. I don't know who was redder in the face, her or me.

Red said...

pizza paddle: fabulous fun...(to read) The thought of the brush in the car should keep you more polite most of the time, and it's occasional use is beneficial for both of you. thanks for sharing.
bottoms up