a trip down memory lane

You may be old enough to remember photos like these
The infamous JOKARI PADDLE
 and this metal hairbrush might send CHILLS (or is it thrills) through your mind
You quite possibly might have purchased one of these magazines
and been awed by the words "HUSBAND SPANKING"
 of course, the photos were awe inspiring
and you just couldn't imagine being spanked for REAL by one of these ladies
but as we have aged, we wish it might happen just once by the following lady.
so pleasant dreams (corner time in the sixties)
and your daily smile

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

3rd picture down confirmed what I was wanting was out there, the first magazine I purchased on spanking. Shawn

Anonymous said...

Coming out, the spanking magazines brought me out of the closet so to speak. I hid them at first and then got the nerve to show a girlfriend. She looked through it, smiled at me when done and wanted to be sure is that what I wanted, I told her so. We have been married for many years and she has improved so much on the spankings, bot for pleasure and at times for punishment. A few others know and one or two have followed.

Njspank said...

Second one...thrills with chills.
Both the magazines, yes have them both!
Great pictures.

The Explorer said...

Lovely ladies! hot stuff.....
thank you :))))))))))))

Anonymous said...

Spent many a time in the bathroom or in bed enjoying the pictures and stroking my erection. My wife who I was dating at the time caught me, the spanking she gave was great, but my bare bottom was stinging, warm, and very red. It was just the beginning, punishment spankings was all she consider and so it was.

Red said...

Shawn : thanks for being a new person commenting on my blog. Hope that photo brought back fond memories, and has lead to memorable spankings

anon: sounds delightful. I hope you will explain more of your relationship, and of the friend you know who is spanked, and sign with a fictitious name so everyone can assimilate what you write

ron: agreed about chills...you are welcone
explorer: you are welcome

anon: see my comment to anon#2 and hope you will do the same
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

It has, prior to that and wanting to be spanked did not know how it would happen. Thank's to this magazine and others, found out there are females who enjoy having the upper hand and my wife does not wait no matter what when she feels a spanking is needed and that is so find with me. Shawn

Red said...

Shawn: some women readily adapt to spanking their man when needed, some need to be persuaded to spank and then learn to love it, and some women will have nothing to do with spanking. You are very lucky.
bottoms up