This brush will do the talking

I was remembering a song when seeing some captioned photos of women about to spank their partner...
The song : these boots are meant for walking, and that's just what they will do, and one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you..
This brush is meant for talking
and that's just what it does
and today is the day
this brush
will walk
all over your bottom

All captioned photos are from   http://zatilla.tumblr.com
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My intro to the hairbrush was from an older lady I was seeing. Acting foolish for my age she reminded me that her own children felt the sting of the hairbrush and that I was not to old for the same. A week or so later I found myself bare bottom over her lap feeling the sting of the hairbrush. I dated a few other women after her, more my age, the one I married was given a special gift from this older lady, it was the hairbrush. My wife knows how to use it and does, it is the waiting, standing naked in the bedroom that is the worse part, granted I dance around the room after the spanking, but knowing what is to come is the worse.

Anonymous said...

My wife believes the only way to properly spank is otk, preferably naked, and the most important thing, the hairbrush is used, it brings the results that your looking for. Also it gets their attention quickly, the dancing and rubbing and crying afterwards show that the hairbrush did its job. Trust me, my wife knows how to use the hairbrush, does not hold back, enjoys the show afterwards, and when finally told to face the wall, reminds how well the hairbrush painted my bare bottom. You also lose your erection quickly, another advantage of the hairbrush.

Anonymous said...

My wife said little coming back from a party, the next morning was more of the same. I was stepping out of the shower and she stood there, grabbing my arm I felt a sting on my wet bottom and then another as I was taken to the kitchen. Over her lap, she applied several more spanks until she revealed why. I acted foolish at the party, had been told she would address the issue and said as a child her mother would use the hairbrush. Since I was acting like a child at the party she decided to use what her mother used and so over her lap I was feeling the sting of the hairbrush. I have felt it many times since, she has had enough. I stand naked before her seeing the hairbrush while being scolded, I do act like a naughty little boy over her lap each and every time.

Joe said...

Great post as usual, love the pictures.

Njspank said...

Said it before and will say it again after these awesome pictures ....love and I mean love to hate the hairbrush!!

Baxter said...

I enjoy captioned photos like this. Thanks

Anonymous said...

My wife thankfully felt the hair brush and wooden spoon had the same results. She also uses the belt, strop and whip to paint my bottom the color she wants. She hasn't used the words pictured but very close scolding before and during the spanking.

Anonymous said...

Both N. and J. use(d) the hairbrush - or the kitchen spoon - for minor (or "routine") offences calling for immediate retribution in the form of an OTK spanking (although a mere hand-spanking can also 'make the point'). More serious breaches, of course, call for sterner methods - and for any of a range of "appropriate" tools...

The hairbush, however, has the useful characteristic that it can easily (and inconspiciously) be tucked in a handbag or a suitcase for use 'as needed' when we are away from home - whether 'on the town' or on a trip...


Red said...

anon#1: waiting is frightening, for certain, specially if are being scolded

anon #2: very true.

anon#3: seems you are a slow learner, as many men are

joe: you are welcome

ron: we have the same dislike and admiration for a hair brush, and I specially dislike a bath brush

baxter: you are welcome

archedone;undoubtedly well deserved spankings

L: a hair brush travels everywhere it might be needed.

bottoms up