the view

A little fun collection of implements that will catch your attention
The belt is all you see
determination, and definite intimidation
 You are no longer looking at her eyes, and soon the bath brush will  get your real attention
waiting patiently for you to undress
your words will mostly be grunts and owwws
and now the party begins
your feet will dance
and your wife will smile
 but slowly you will learn how to be a better person
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Yellow dress, hairbrush on lap, reminds me of my wife spankings, pants and underpants around ankles, a scolding prior to going over lap and dancing around afterwards.

Baxter said...

if the wife is smiling, all is well in the world. if she ain't smiling, your bottom is the only thing on your mind.

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Red.


Anonymous said...

I like #4 the best. While that bath brush looks menacing to my behind, her attire would have me looking ahead to after the spanking.


Njspank said...

Funny of all the awesome pictures ones with a lady and her brush are so erotic. The lady int the dark dress with what looks like an ebony hairbrush just lights me up.
Love them all

Red said...

anon: sounds delightful

Baxter: a simple task of accepting you need to be spanked, and change a specific behavior, and both of you are happy again.

marco: thank you

Matt: first, the piper must be paid, then pleasure may await

ron: you are welcome
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

That picture is by far my favorite.'I hope she gives you some "fun" spankings too.

Anonymous said...

I wish also, but my wife has all the fun, making me stand longer for the spanking, slowly baring my bottom. To her the fun is seeing her husband turn into the naughty little boy he is.

Red said...

anon: when a REAL spanking is about to occur, the fun resides solely with the spanker