the view and the result of a spanking

The view you have just before you bend over the lap....
becomes more worrisome when the implement is displayed
 and although you might be distracted for a second, the paddle becomes all that you see..
she then gets to see your bare bottom, and have fun lecturing about how silly you look, a grown man, having his underwear being taken down so that he can be spanked...
then a strong hand warm-up
that is totally effective
followed by the brush, and bringing a smile to your partner's lips
as she has to restrain your feet from dancing so much you fall off her lap...
and here are his loafers
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

The only movement I do is dancing around the room, rubbing, crying until told to face the wall. She bares my bottom slowly while scolding me, which is really more punishment, since I always have an erection.

Njspank said...

What is funny is that I so cherish giving and getting hard long hand spankings but then the brush comes out and it is awesome. However let's never underestimate the value of a hand spanking.

Fondles said...

i can't comment on spanking, but oh those loafers! cute.

Anonymous said...

sadly I don't see that view very often as she is uncomfortable with me OTK and she feels she does not get a good swing so it's usually over a foot stool our spanking bench, sofa arm rest or bent over or flat on the bed. she says she gets better aim and a fuller swing that I can tell you she does. but the implements are on view for me to see.

Anonymous said...

Upcoming Friday I am getting a 'fun spanking' once again. Before the spanking and domination, I take my wife out for a lunch, while our child is in school. I know that Lindsay will make a few 'pointers' for what's in store for me that afternoon, hurray.
So, I'll be eating my lunch with a boner, for sure.

When we get home, Lindsay will dress up with stockings and high heels. I am hoping to get an orgasm while she spanks me as I am trapped between her legs, going OTK.

I'll keep you posted.

Best wishes,


Red said...

anon; sounds delightful

Ron; very true, the brush does add a definite impact.

Fondles: glad you like the loafers.

archedone; the fuller the swing... well lets just say YIKES!!!

Marco: sounds delightful. Do tell of your adventure after it happened. I mentioned to Cindy that I really would enjoy it if she would subtly pat my bottom while we are out at times, and she is doing it often, which is a delight, discovering that she thinks about spanking me when I am not even aware.
bottoms up