the cane awaits

Some days, your fate is sealed before you even say a word. One simple finger lets you know not to object.
and you wonder
The look of determination determines you best bare your bottom immediately
and your partner shows you it will be the short cane today
and that it's flexibility will be amazingly effective
but maybe she will enjoy the look on your face as your eyes meet, as you dare not look at the cane
 so young, so sweet, and so DETERMINED
 and you will be rising onto your toes in no time
possibly a look of disdain at your trepidation
even outdoors, you are not safe from the wrath of the cane
best bend over and acquiesce 
whether you were born long ago and remember
or are newly introduced by  your wife to being caned
best to brace yourself a little
or maybe simply flop over the sofa so that you can maintain position
oh NO! it's about to start
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

We have a short 18 inch Ever Ready cane from Cane-iac. I love the thing. And my wife is just so good at it. I could take it all day. Sigh...

Have to wait until August for the next weekend away and hopefully get my bare bottom well and truly toasted. Getting hot just thinking about it. Someonw open a window. :)


Baxter said...

good blog. great pictures.

Njspank said...

Some totally hot ladiex....but no thanks

Anonymous said...

There are two canes in our house - one that N. found in her grandmother's attic, and another one that J. picked up shortly after we married - but they were/are used rather infrequently.
B. (J's sister), on the other hand, has a real "stinger" in her 'home-away-from home' in Burgundy -- and she always finds a reason to use it when we visit her!

Fondles said...

Cute pics. and i love the cane.

Anonymous said...

We don't have a cane instead she uses an old rod from window blinds. Very whippy and effective.

macsub34 said...

My wife uses a rubber martinet whip we bought in London.
Very effective, and she uses it with plenty of strict strokes. Wow, does my bottom sting for two days or so!

Anonymous said...

Something to "look forward to", eh?


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the cane......

Best wishes,


Red said...

Yorkie; maybe one night away might help, or even a motel for two hours. Thanks for sharing your opinion on canes

Baxter: you are welcome

Ron: always worth a try ONCE, but not a whippy bending one.

L & J: so kind of J's sister to have something appropriate. Maybe it should be used ONCE (JUST ONCE) on J by B.

Fondles: wonderful to think of a woman desiring to be caned.

archedone: certainly just as effective/. A garden rattan stake, cheap at a hardware store, will also do the trick...

macsub34: Yikes, that could be lethal
Marco: fond dreams
bottoms up

Red said...

hi: maybe you might send me a link permission to your account