the baring: being submissive

One should always have fun in life, so I quite enjoy this picture of a woman smiling while baring a man's bottom
although the man might not be smiling..
One must be acquiescing and submissive if you stay stationary, bent over, while ones bottom is being bared

|Of course, she may look you in the eye to show her control
and then tell you to keep looking forward while she enjoys looking at your cock, and maybe a few comments about it,
she might even be surprised at your erection when you know you are about to be spanked
but will simply change the paddle to her spanking hand, open her legs for you to tuck yourself between them when you bend over her knees,  because this spanking will be given
She may even be delighted to see your erection,as Cindy is, but then exclaim what a shame it is going to disappear as I spank you!!

This picture I love. A very sweet and sensual kiss, that says I love you, prior to the spanking!
The spanking is going to be REAL
The wooden bath brush will be EFFECTIVE
and by the time the spanking finally ends
Your erection will have long since disappeared
but always remember it can be revived.
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My wife insures I remember, she takes her time from baring my bottom, the scolding, how my erection will be gone, her hand stings and lands hard, she then has me stand, insures my erection is gone, another scolding then over her lap for more, this time the hairbrush. I always have to go afterwards and she will insure I do not rub and watch me go and at times held it to insure I did not miss the toilet.
Wall facing time, no matter who might show I stay facing the wall.

Anonymous said...

The spanking hurts worse when my erection is gone, she knows it to, and reminds me. When the spanking is over I stand before her, she will take hold of my limp penis and scold me more. I have wall facing time which last forever long she feels is necessary.

Baxter said...

great series of photos

Njspank said...

Great post. I always get hard when my underpants are lowered. It is one of the most sensual moments of a OTK spanking. Love that feeling but the hard on goes away very quickly unless it is a sexy spanking. Thanks

Njspank said...

By the way the lady in the blue slip makes me hard as well...what a sexy look

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great pics...I always look like those fellows with massive erections before my wife spanks me. It usually lasts thru the spanking, and she loves it. I think you should devote more time to erections and spankings. For us it always ends up with passionate sex.

Anonymous said...

The spankings is what I always wanted, now I have learned that standing, facing the wall, naked is just as good, the naughty little boy feelings are really strong. If seen by someone, my wife explains, makes me feel real little.

Anonymous said...

For "short fuse", on-the-spot situations, J. (as well as N. ealier) swiftly and expertly bares my bottom and, barely pausing to grab a hairbrush or a kitchen spoon, heaves me across her lap for a sound otk spanking.

But for more "slow-fuse", or more "deliberate" cases, I may be warned hours ahead - and when the time comes, I am ordered to lower or remove my own pants (and sometimes the rest of my clothing as well). In that summary attire, I may be required to fetch the "appropriate" instruments and/or to spend a spell of corner (waiting) time before the actual "session" begins (no arguing, pleading or begging allowed!)

Some times, the number of strokes/whacks/lashes is announced beforehand (for me to count them out loud), and other times she (J. as well as N.) decides when it's over - by the state of my derrière, I guess! Kneeling at 'her' feet to thank her and to kiss her hand is expected, and most often followed by more "corner time"... The "system" was initiated by N. - and later gladly endorsed by J.


Red said...

anon 1 and 2: hope you are learning from your spankings, as I have, and many others

baxter: glad you liked them

Ron: I used to have the same reaction, but not always now that I have aged, and Cindy has learned to spank harder. Any erection disappears quickly.

anon: glad you enjoyed the pictures, and your spankings

anon:glad it works for your wife and you.

L: sounds perfect, and you agree (as shown by marrying J, after N passed away,knowing she knew exactly how best to keep you in line and happy.
Fun to know she takes immediate action when necessary, and deliberate action when required.
bottoms up