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Bewilderment!!! A person (Kay) left a comment on a posting about Erica Scott's blog, and as usual I went to the comment to reply. The  posting was not there???? I have since found out that blogger has at sometime  changed from 6/12/10 to 12/6/10....  No idea when this happened.

However, I found  this draft from 6 years ago, that was never posted, so it is fun for me to read, and it is a link to an excellent group.
It is always interesting to read a few postings from different spanking groups on Yahoo. One group I enjoy reading is:
On this group, the moderator posted this little happening, and I thought it might generate some discussion.

The problem many spankers have is keeping it from being known by the children and neighbors. Privacy is key, and unless you build a sound proof room, privacy is sometimes rarely available. We really do not worry while on vacation, if no family is with us. What the bell-hop or cabin steward hears is not a problem for us, and the neighbors in the next cabin can get an earful whether it is from a spanking or fantastic sex afterwards.

The problem is at home, and this little posting is exactly what we do whenever the opportunity comes by, and the need or simply the desire for a spanking occurs.

"Now that school is back in session, our two teenage sons are out the door by 6:45. My wife took advantage of that fact this morning, by giving me a painful OTK with her round wooden spoon. She also instructed me to sweep and wash the kitchen floor and hallway since today is one of my days off this week.

I am not spanked as often as I once was, and these days being spanked REALLY hurts! Perhaps this is because my wife hasn't been using any sort of "warm-up" to ease me into things. No, on the handful of occasions she has spanked me in the last few months, she has simply bared my bottom and applied her paddle. I'm dancing on her lap from the first few swats, and it isn't long before I'm pleading with her to stop.

Anyway, I have a floor to do and the day isn't getting any younger.""
Cindy recently used a wooden spoon for simply two hard spanks, and stated they weren't as satisfying as another implement we have. I really had felt them, even though they given with me wearing jeans. I lowered my pants and Cindy was amazed how red each spot was. "MMMM. maybe they were effective" she stated.

I looked maybe an hour later in the mirror, and the two spots were still bright red. Cindy may be considering use this implement more often.

I recommend this yahoo group to you. The photo and captioned drawing are from this site.


Anonymous said...

We live a ways out of town, my wife is a few years older and well my youth found me always in trouble. She knew my past, would say I needed a woman's understanding. I sooned learned what she meant, she said I could be heard in town, I danced around rubbing and crying. As for others hearing my spankings, part of the punishment, it has been six plus years of marriage and spankings, I would not change a thing.

Anonymous said...

My spankings are consensual, I do as my wife saids, hence spankings happen when needed, no matter what. Visiting her mother I found myself being spanked, thankfully in the bedroom, my mother-in-law clearly knew what was happening and enter, handed a large hairbrush to my wife, this will insure he learns and walked out. When the spanking stopped I was a mess, I was taken to the frontroom, bare from the waist down, my mother-in-law smiled, saw my very red bottom, my wife had me face the wall. Very, Very nice dear her mother told her, it will come in handy Mother.

Andre . . . said...

Thanks for the cudos Red . . . (spanked_husband)

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

Spanking in my household is always planned and never as a punishment.
We close the curtains as our little child is in school. Sex always follows.

Best wishes,


The cartoon is right on the money :-)

Anonymous said...

The worse is the wait, empty house means I can stand naked before her longer while being scolded, and over her lap for a longer spanking. Mostly now I face the wall for the same period of time, but now and then I'm naked the rest of the day, she enjoys seeing my red spanked bottom, of of course I'm limp, the spanking took care of the erection and she gladly points that out.

Njspank said...

Great post. Yes our activity escalated when the kids left the house for good. Always fun

Red said...

anon 1 and 2: sounds delightful, and it works in many marriages.

Andre: hope it drove a little more traffic of new spanked husbands to your wonderful site.

Marco: sounds delightful, and the sex afterwards I can attest to being amazing for many couples. Give it a few years, and your wife may suggest you be spanked for something you did wrong, and even though sex will follow, the concept will start to germinate, and you will love it.

anon; your wife sounds delightful.

Ron: actually, our spanking life began only after the kids have moved out.
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