switching part two

More photos to stimulate your imagination...
the resigned look as she chooses a switch

whereas this fine lady is trying to charm you into not giving her a spanking
or, in this photo, did she pick really prickly switches to switch you with, as the determined look means you are in trouble! 
You have been told to tie them together, bare your bottom , put pillows below your groin to raise your bottom, and WAIT
a single switch might be used
or multiple switches tied together
which ever method is used, your bottom will soon be fire engine red
 art from yesteryear shows a long tradition in chastisement
but, fortunately, the modern woman has a cane readily available, no matter what season.
keep smiling

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Seeing her (1st picture) I would quickly be in my birthday suit, an erection on display and saying please use it on me here and now. The sounds I let out would not be heard by others and afterwards to enjoy her, no matter how much my bottoms hurts, my erection would still be and hence to give her the thanks she deserves.

Anonymous said...

Well Mr Red my husband and I played the spanking game and it will be me cutting branches to be used on my bare fanny. I have not had a "switched" used on me as an adult but it is fitting as we rented a trailer in a remote area and it will be fitting. Couple that with the fact I left the bank deposit in the glove compartment and 11 checks bounced might add to the discomfort in my backside......also Red the last three outstanding spanking were given to George over my knees. So I am due. Cheryl

Joe said...

Great post Red.

Anonymous said...

I have always wondered what a switching would feel like. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut. I might be sorry to find out!! HaHa!!!
Thanks for all the pics of those beautiful girl hineys!! JayJay

Njspank said...

Great post....the picture of the lady laying on the pillows on the couch white bloomers open.....wow that is erotic. Thanks
Love the cartoons with panty spankings too.

Red said...

anon: pleasant dreams

Cheryl: as with the checks you bounced, definitively past due. I think your partner owes you more than one spanking. Forgetting to deposit is one, but having to pay the penalties on bounced checks is worth it's own spanking.
joe: you are welcome
JayJay: it is worth trying, at least once.

ron:glad you liked the post and the art work
bottoms up

Baxter said...

pictures of women semi naked and in positions to be spanked outdoors over a tree limb are erotic.

Red said...

baxter; definitely erotic

sixofthebest said...

I love the photo of the naughty lady, who is wearing split bloomers, awaiting her birching.

Red said...

sixofthebest: delightful attempt of creating a vintage idea
bottoms up