summer time is switching time (part one)

The weather being warm in most parts of the world, this is the perfect time to send that special deserving someone out to cut a few switches to use on their bottom.
The question would be whether you have to go with your pants around your knees to fetch them
with only your panties on to protect your modesty and bottom
or are you sent bare bottomed with no pants whatsoever
Do you have to choose
and then ask if this would be acceptable
then bare your bottom immediately
or have the first leaves grown on the switch, and thus you must prepare them first
 that looks like a truly sturdy switch
all is ready 
bext always to take your punishment when offered, it will only be worst later.
bottoms up


Njspank said...

While I would love to spank Amber Wells switches not my thing but some where deep I would love to be switched just once.

Anonymous said...

outdoor spanking....not for me, brrrr.


ronnie said...

Outdoor spanking fun.


Red said...

ron: it would be worthwhile once,! it totally depends on the switch and how hard it is applied

Marco: your bottom would warm you quickly

Ronnie: I have not read of your being spanked outdoors. If i am correct, it is time to tease P that many blogger friends have experienced it, so it is about time he started thinking creatively. That should get you a spanking, maybe indoors the day you tease him
bottoms up

Baxter said...

the subject and pictures are interesting. when out in the woods on a walk, I do look at saplings and wonder how it would feel to be thrashed with them.

Red said...

baxter:you should mention this to your wife, then look for the opportunity to make it happen
bottoms up