summer is arriving soon, let the beach fun begin

UPDATED: My opinion:
In our more open society, where burkas are not the norm, beach fashions have evolved.

Women and men of all ages like to be admired and thought of as attractive, and thus displaying a portion of a woman's body (younger than 18 with hopefully parent's approval) is wonderful.

The fashion now shows more of a woman's bottom, and many people find this delightful (not just spanksters). Attention is more focused by the bathing suit, than if one was at a nudist beach.

SO, as much as we might think of spanking some of these ladies, NO means NO, so we will all simply enjoy pleasant dreams.

It is always delightful to see women on the beach... Bathing suits display beautiful bottoms of all sizes and shapes.

Here is a collection  of beach views

 so little material, but so high a cost for those swim suits
ladies obviously know how they look when they purchase these bathing suits, and men are appreciative of their choices
great form on that paddle board in the above photo
Many a man could suggest another method of making those cheeks feel warm and toasty
if you have it, flaunt it..

but if you want, their is always the clothing optional beach on St. Martin...

then again, who needs to wait for the beach, when you can have fun anywhere

bottoms up


Pizza Paddle said...

Awsome pics, many naughty girls that need those bottoms turned a nicer shade of red. lol

Anonymous said...

Iif these pictures do not say "Spank Me", "Naughty Little Girl", I do not know what does.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! What a bounty of beautiful behinds!!! Thank you very much. JayJay!
PS. hope your own little fanny is all healed up from your recent round of spankings. :)

Anonymous said...

Soooo many beautiful female bottoms and soooooo spankable too. What a place to have a spanking party so many to choose from. Makes one's mouth water.

Njspank said...


Baxter said...

very nice selection of spankable bottoms. When visiting my sisterinlaw in Amsterdam, we went to a beach on the North Sea. Bikini tops are optional there and oh boy what a visual feast of lovely women with spankable bottoms covered.

Joe said...


Red said...

women making the decision what to wear at the beach is wonderful, and even better if Europe where many go topless. Our thoughts of spanking are wonderful fantasies in this setting.
pizza paddle: fun idea
anon: actually they say, notice me, then talk to me and let's see what we have in common.
JayJay: it is better, and glad you liked the pictures
archedone: wonderful fantasy.
Ron: you are welcome
Baxter: delightful
Joe: very true
bottoms up