spanking thoughts for today

A little post for your amusement
and women's bottoms, from my point of view, are more interesting to view than men's bottoms
and remember:
and as many a woman and man has stated:
keep smiling
your wife is not pleased.. bottoms up
and for all those ladies out there, remember practice makes perfect
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Our marriage works because my wife knows that at times she needs to have a little talk with me. Sometimes it is the hand, but mostly the hairbrush does the talking. Over her lap, bare bottom in position, corner time to follow. I dance around the room rubbing, crying, she enjoys the show.
She reminds me that men are just little boys, and the wives must be the Mommies and so when her little boy is naughty, Mommy will spank, and this little boy when naughty knows sitting is going to be hard.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I have received many bits of advice from my sister on more aggressive discipline of my husband and am finding her to be VERY CORRECT. She has purchared a cane for me that he does not know about and will be applied Sunday as a Fathers Day promise of a full dress spanking which means me in heels hose and a short tight back skirt. I will add a few for you Red and wish you a Blessed Father Day. Cheryl

Anonymous said...

My wife had warned me and I thought she was joking and it was sexual foreplay. As soon as I stepped out of the shower she grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bedroom and I was soon over her lap laughing. When she stopped I was bawling, rubbing and dancing around the room, she sternly said, think it is funny now, I said no. She had me stand facing the wall in the kitchen while she fixed breakfast. It was the first of many, and to make it worse my mother-in-law saw me facing the wall, told her daughter about time, my wife said, oh this is not the first spanking and it will not be the last either.

Anonymous said...

Several times my wife would say "a spanking would do you good", I just laughed. My mother-in-law on one visit, she told her daughter long over due, I was in my den and could hear the conversation. I waited until she left and I walked into the kitchen naked, does this cross the line honey, she smiled and I was soon over her lap, it was no longer funny. Her hand soundly warmed my bare bottom, when she stood me up, I was told to get to the bedroom and crying I did. The hairbrush was used, and now I do as told, no questions, spankings are the norm. She called her Mom after the first spanking, said it felt great, and said they talked loud enough for me to hear and he did what you said he would, he is very sorry now.

Anonymous said...

My wife had enough of me being erect prior to, knowing that it would soon be gone. She had learned from her best friend a spanking was more effective after it was gone. I had to go to the bathroom, kneel on the floor and masturbate while she watched. The spanking that followed got my attention quickly, crying, dancing, rubbing afterwards she really enjoyed. She mentioned how my penis was very limp and I had no accidents over her lap. Depending on her mood I must masturbate for her or if she is really mad, she strokes my penis very hard and fast and I come quickly, it hurts when she does it, but the spankings always hurt more.

Njspank said...

Great post about the wonderful world of spanking. Thanks

Red said...

anon: most males need that talk now and then.

Cheryl: Hi. Glad to hear from you again. The cane can be very effective, or mild, so do be careful. You have never sent me a private message about your escapades at your sister's house. Maybe you deserve a spanking tomorrow

anon: seems like your future is being foretold! best realize not all spankings are meant for fun.

anon: glad your wife is being advised by a smart mother

anon: glad we do not do this.

Ron: you are welcome
bottoms up