spanking evolution

Many of us had the desire to be spanked long before we broached the topic with our partner.
We know that sometimes problems are solved easily with a little tenderness and love, but sometimes

Spanking evolves: We become more demanding in our desires, hoping that our partner will come to enjoy spanking us, not simply doing it as a chore or doing it for me. Our partner is doing it for our relationship to regain an even balance when something we have done has caused problems.

and as more times evolves
a happy spanker is our goal in a spanking relationship... your partner is problem solving
and here is the best definition for our wives (if they spank their partner)
but always remember
one spanking is sometimes not enough..i learned eventually the following exact situation
men will always be men,  and spankings are always necessary
I do not approve of flying the confederate flag, but the above is FUNNY to me...
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Evolution is what us males should be afraid of, the female is taken charge. My spankings begin with me kneeling on the floor, naked, masterbating, my wife really enjoys the show. Once completed it is over her lap for a hand/paddle spanking and wall facing time afterwards. The reason I must masterbate for her is she caught me a couple of times doing it, so since I enjoy it and the spankings hurt more afterwards, it is a part of my punishment.

Anonymous said...

Nice topic, Red.

Keep it up.


Njspank said...

Great post. Some nice points and added humor

Joe said...

Great post Red, thank you

Red said...

anon; thanks for sharing. Every couple is different,and hopefully everything is consensual.
Marco; you are welcome
Ron and joe: glad you liked it
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Pix #3 and 7 are particularly evocative for me


Red said...

L: the matter of fact statement that your behavior has earned a spanking is delightful to see in a captioned photo
bottoms up