first or second

Fantasy Tuesday :
If you knew that both you and your friend were about to be spanked, which would you prefer
watching, you see the spanking, see your friend reacting, an know what will happen to you shortly
then it is your turn to lower your pants and underwear
knowing your friend is watching, and knowing a lot more spanking is in your immediate future
It might even be more frightening, if you have been informed that after you have both been hand spanked, the hair brush will be used, so you are standing, awaiting your next spanking.
thus, do you want to be spanked first
 or await?
might this man's reaction cause yo to wish you were first and your spanking would be done sooner...
choices: if you were int his situation, you would not be given the choice
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I married into a female led family, my mother-in-law is a widow, raised her two daughters with old school rearing. We both got into some trouble while dating, if it was not for her, it would have been worse. She addressed the problem in the matter she saw fit, a spanking, since our actions were of such she said. I watched in shock as she spanked her daughter, after pulling down her pants and panties. I was next and looked straight ahead as my pants and underpants came down. That spanking got my attention, and facing the wall alongside her daughter displaying our bottoms was the worse. I would have preferred to be first, knowing what was to come, like to get it over with.

Anonymous said...

Small rural town, everyone knows everyone and so getting away with anything is not possible. Being a rural town you find that you have more than one Mother. Just back from college, legal age to drink, dating my high school sweet heart, we both needed a ride home, local police provided, worse a lady cop. It was when my girlfriends mother saw us, the cop, she calmly said I will address this problem, the lady cop smiled and left. It was in the morning, I spent the night and in the morning we both stood before her mother, getting a sound scolding, and then the punishment. You have seen one another her mother said and then told us down with underpants and panties and slowly we did, stepping out of them. I had to watch my girlfriend get spanked first, and when it was my turn I could not control the crying and begging. We both stood facing the wall and then to our shock we both we given a spanking with the hairbrush, I was first this time. I prefer first, my girlfriend also, but the choice is the one who giving the spankings.

ronnie said...

If I had a choice I'd definitely want to go first.


Anonymous said...

My wife and her best friend decided to teach us husbands a lesson we will remember. I knew my best friend was spanked and vise versa, it was his wife that my wife learned to do this. We both like to party and it finally came to an end one Saturday morning in the garage of my friends home. Both with a hang over, still in our pj's the wives gave us no choice and when my wife and his wife had pulled down our pj's we soon we were being spanked at the same time, both really ensuring we learned our lesson. We both stood crying, rubbing afterwards only to learn that another spanking was coming and it would be my friends wife doing the spanking and my wife spanking my friend. They enjoyed seeing us standing, crying, rubbing, and mention how limp we both were. It was the walk back to our home, crying, naked, that added to my punishment.

Anonymous said...

Then you wake up

Anonymous said...

Red: Great GIF! Brings back a long ago memory and told my b in-law and f in-law to take a look. Won't say what we did, but when we were 20, long before he hooked up my sis,we got in a bit of trouble and f in-law solved the problem by taking a board to our bare behinds and beating us soo long and soo hard that both of our butts were black and blue for three weeks when he was done. Suffice to say, our ego's were bruised worse than our butts, and that was the last of our trouble making days. LOF thinking about it now!

Anonymous said...

If it were to happen: 2nd.

Best wishes,


Njspank said...

Love this. So realistically go first and get it done but being a spanko and for erotic sensibility I want to watch the first spanking and then get spanked!

kdpierre said...

If it's going to be unpleasant, first is probably best. I can see the second in line expressing a sympathy they would not be feeling once their turn had passed.-------------------KDP

Anonymous said...

Never been spanked along with someone else, but I think I would want to be first, so that I could enjoy watching without tears in my eyes and pain in my behind. Having said that, If this were to actually happen in my relationship, I believe that I would have no choice in who goes first and secondly I don't believe that either of us would be allowed to watch the other get spanked. JayJay

Anonymous said...

My spankings are private but if it was a double spanking I'd rather be first and get it over with. That is if we had a choice.

Red said...

anon #1: appears your wife learned many good things from her mother, and you probably experienced being spanked by her before marrying. I am happy it works for both of you.

anon#2: thanks for sharing

Ronnie: doubt the spanker would give the spankees the choice, but I think I would fear/enjoy, mixed feelings watching the other person, than simply listening while facing the wall after being spanked....

anon#3 I sort of agree with anon#4

anon#5: the fond memories were not evident while the spanking occurred. That is one effective gif.

Marco and Ron : we agree

kdpiere: that was definitely unpleasant,

JayJay: another interesting twist... you can only face the wall while hearing the first spanking, not watching... yikes many photos show that scenario

archedone: very true... if that situation ever occurred, I doubt we would have any say whatsoever

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I mean to say I want to be second so that I can watch the other person get it without tears in my eyes or pain in my behind. JayJay

Pizza Paddle said...

Been there once in my younger years and I was the unlucky second place. I was nearly in tears before the first spank.

Red said...

JayJay: sounds reasonable. watching woud be less fun with a sore bottom

Red said...

pizza: a very interesting thought, seeing the spanking, and knowing how hard your spanking is about to be
bottoms up