beware what you wish for..

 Every reader has quite probably requested their partner should spank them when they are upset....
but are never truly prepared for a serious spanking...
Only a few words seal your fate....
I wonder what implement do you find the most frightful if used for a serious spanking....
A wooden brush?
A wooden Bath brush?
a paddle?
a belt?
a calm determined spanker?
the wooden spoon?
a Tawse?

whatever it is, do not delay, becuase your partner will just get ANGRIER!
bottoms up
smile much later


Anonymous said...

It took a long time to find my "Mommy" and she is all that and more. I stand before her when I'm naughty and she scolds me and bares my bottom asking me what happens to naughty little boys, Mommy spanks naughty little boys I say.
Her spankings are real, have been spanked with others present. I get corner time, if a very naughty little boy given a bath, have my jammies put on and then sent to bed early.

Anonymous said...

A few years older, married five years, and both have what we were looking for. She wanted a naughty little boy to spank and I was looking for a "Mommy". Out sex life is great, this is our deep down sexual dreams. The spankings are real, I call her Mommy. When I hear "Young Man" I respond "Yes Mommy" I soon stand before her and get scolded, bares my bottom and I plead like a little boy. Enough she will say and then I'm over her lap and soon just like a little boy, pleading, promising, when she is done I dance around crying, Mommy I say I will be good, she smiles and saids she knows and then I stand facing the wall.

Anonymous said...

Having a great night and in the morning still enjoy one another she asked my deepest sexual desire, both being naked I finally told her, and I asked hers, she smiled and said it would fulfill mine. It was a short time later stepping out of the shower I saw her stern look, get to the bedroom and with a spank on my wet bottom I did. It is time I be the Mommy she said sitting, you've been a naughty little boy, Yes Mommy I said, what does Mommy do to her naughty little boy, Mommy spanks her naughty little boy. Over my lap she said sternly and that was the beginning, since then she has improved, but I call her Mommy, the spankings hurt, I dance around, always bare bottom spankings, not always naked. She is a very good Mommy and the little boy inside of me loves her.

Anonymous said...

I stood before her scared, anxious, my pants and underpants around my ankles. This is what you want, I looked at her and said softly yes. You were caught masturbating thinking of this, Yes I said. I was standing before my wife of three months and when told to lay across her lap I slowly did. It hurt at first, then I started to enjoy, my bottom was being soundly spanked, she was very good, but it was more than I dreamed of. The prior to and the after, standing crying, rubbing, being sent to face the wall. The hairbrush stung, I then must sit on her lap, she will ask me if I'm going to play with my penis again as she holds it, I say no. She then smiles and said being a good boy and finish your corner time, Yes Mommy and I stand facing the wall.

Anonymous said...

Many of our implements get my attention but the worse for me was two of them. The hair brush and wooden spoon. She felt the brush and spoon were too much alike and stopped using the brush but I still get the spoon. You didn't ask but actually I love it when she uses the belt on me.

Njspank said...

Pure fright is the cane...I hate it but we don't use it here so I go with the tawse

Fondles said...

i hate the hairbrush. yuck. cane's yummy :) as is his belt :)

Pizza Paddle said...

We have a number of paddles and brushes. My wife favors one paddle over others which makes a lot of sound and stings the skin, but two implements that grab my attention the most when wielded in anger are the wicked bath brush when at home and the dreaded clothes brush we keep in the car for out and about offences. Both bring days of uneasy sitting.

Joe said...

Good question Red, the wooden spoon has quite a sting for me, on the opposite I do enjoy the belt. Something about the leather.

Red said...

anon 1, 2, 3, and 4: this description has been stated many times. Glad spanking works for you (if Real)but please post new info. Also, please sign with aname, as this is probably one person.

archedone; thanks for sharing... a belt is also very useful and effective, I totally agree.

ron: the tawse is so easy for Cindy to use,and SO EFFECTIVE!

Fondles: fun to know... maybe the hairbrush should be saved for special occasions, where your delight is not intended during the spanking.

pizza: I can attest to the effectiveness of a bath brush, that has been used often, but never for bathing.

Joe: thanks for sharing..
bottoms up