adventurous tuesdays (fun sexual quotes)

Well, this is NOT adventurous, but hopefully it is quite common in your relationship...
Ladies...it is easy to get your man excited....
 so delightfully playful
it should go without saying, that besides being spanked relives stress, so does sex relieve stress.
men should always remember to

and always  trEAT

and ladies might like to consider this idea!

and my wish to you.
but ...
nothing is perfect
bottoms up


Njspank said...

Well done. I am a total ass man but hey nice tits.


Baxter said...

yeah I like seeing tits, but seeing ass is always good. I am seeing a lot of great tits and asses now that I am a commuter to the Loop.

Red said...

ron: i enjoy looking at all parts of a woman.

Baxter: Is that what Roy rogers meant when singing : Happy trails to you

bottoms up