10,000,000 hits to this blog


I first started this blog on October 19, 2009

Since that post, their have been additional 1929 different posts, so it has been a work of love.

Many people have posted comments over the years, and some have been doing so for quite some time.I thank each and every person for taking the time by leaving a comment about their lifestyle in the spanking world

The title attracts many people, because most are looking for some version  of consensual spanking. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, might I say it attracts a more literate part of society, because spelling consensual is not easy.

There is a core of spanksters out there participating in The Thing We Do (TTWD), who enjoy all things spanking, and some enjoy reading and looking at pictures of the man predominately being spanked.

We are not that rare of a breed, as with google searches on domination for hire, the vast majority (if not almost exclusively) are women offering their services to spank people. Rarely will you find a man being hired to spank a woman. I imagine it is because so many men would volunteer to accept the task, that no woman would ever need to pay for the service required. [Note to all women readers: I will happily give you a spanking: just write privately to me, and I am certain Cindy will watch, then give me a very strong spanking after I have spanked you! That is a wonderful description of a WIN/WIN scenario.]

Using google stats from blogger for this blog, the top fourposts are
Dec 5, 2010, 74 comments


So whether you come here for the art
I intend to post about KDPIERRE, who has some great artwork,  and his main site is
It is late at night, and I hope I have it right now... more later..
The dominant photos where you have no choice but to submit
and can imagine yourself in one of the roles
The captions and cute female red bottoms
or the spankings
or my attempts at humor
fun thoughts... 
cute woman bodies flashing
This lady is just asking you to spank her
and a quick boob flash is fabulous
 so, whatever brings you to my blog, you can use me!

bottoms up


Njspank said...

It is the best and I thank you for all your effort. You two make spanking real and normal and fun. And I love that cartoon just love it

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't my girlfriend at the time, now my wife catching me reading your blog, my desire for her to spank me would never have happened. She was so made, called it porn, her words "so you want to be spanked" ring loud and clear today. That spanking was more than I wanted at the time and since then I've learned to do as told, reminded I wanted to be spanked. She checks out the blog and especially enjoyed the erection blog, it gone quickly, but will either relieve me of it prior to or watch as I masturbate in the bathroom prior to. So Thank's, I thank you and my bare bottom thanks you.

ronnie said...

Red, Your blog is one of the best and I always love stopping by. Thank you.

Love and hugs,

Baxter said...

I start my daily trip into spanking land with your blog, Red. It is amazing that you have made 1929 blogs and probably have hundreds more. It is certainly appreciated that you do this.

Anonymous said...


L and J

Joe said...

Thank you Red you do a great job

an English Rose said...

Congratulations Red! that is an amazing number, long may your blog continue
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on this Red and keep them coming, please.

Best wishes from the Netherlands,


Anonymous said...

Like Baxter I also read your blog first. I know much time and effort go into putting each and every blog together and you and Cindy do a great job thanks.

Anonymous said...

Consensual Spanking has and probably always will be a regular place to visit. I love it tremendously.

Happy spankings one and all.


Hermione said...

That's amazing, Red! Your blog is obviously one of the most popular in the interwebs. Keep those posts coming!


Anonymous said...

It was this blog that finally got me the spanking(s) I've always wanted. I was dating an older woman, our sex life was great, she would ask my fantasy and I would say I had none, she would smile. Finally because of your blog, one morning after a great night walked into the kitchen naked, and told her my fantasy. She smiled and said it will hurt, and it did, I danced around the room rubbing and crying. I soon was sitting on her lap, thanking her, and she said future spankings will be her decision and not mine. Thank You for pushing me over the edge.

Michael M said...


Pizza Paddle said...

I want to go fishing....lol

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the milestone Red!!! I really like that first cartoon, getting spanked by a lady in shorts!! Fantastic!!! Personally I'd rather lick her clitoris or her fanny crack , instead of sucking on her toe. But let's face it, when you're in his position you do what you're told!! JayJay

Red said...

Ron: consensual spanking can be real.. ours is. thanks for your praise.

anon: you are welcome

Ronnie: thank you, and I love your blog also..

Baxter: you are welcome

L&J: thank you

Joe: thank you

Jan: I intend to continue but maybe not daily. Thanks

Marco: we must visit next time we are in the Netherlands. Thank you

archedone: thank you

Yorkie: and happy spankings to you also

Hermione: Thank you, i love your blog also old friend who is not old.

anon: you are welcome

michael: thanks

Pizza: in our dreams

JayJay: very true, and thanks
bottoms up everyone