sensual sexual tumblrs galore (adventurous Tuesdays)

Taking a day off from the spanking world, I thought I would post some links to sexual sites that are excellent.
A difficulty does exist in giving links, as the first picture or gif that appears might not be typical of the site, and the viewer might not progress further.

My first offering is that males reading this blog might see a position or a technique that they could attempt with their partner, that might lead to greater orgasms for your partner.
However, using a link to the ARCHIVE simply inundates a viewer with too much, if someone is being introduced to the tumblr world of pictures and gifs.
Some sites have misleading titles, like the following, but are full of non-spanking eroticism


Some have possible kinky ideas, but all it takes is one photo or gif to give your imagination a scenario to try something safe, but a little edgier, or simply a position that you think might be fun to experiment with.
Such as different positions for orally pleasing your partner,

Many tumblrs are produced by women, and I find them intriguingly HOT.

What we know in many cases about sex, is only that which we thought up our-self before the internet.
I truly hot site produced by a woman is this specific post
or simply

Some sites even simply have ten photos or gifs immediately
being very overwhelming

Lately, we have been verbalizing various erotic scenarios while one partner is orally pleasing the other, that we would be too timid to ever try... Threesomes... but they have fun stimulating photos and gifs everywhere.

Some men's fantasy would be to have two women and one man, 
but equally valid is
so you will see both types. However, any combination between two members of one sex interacting with the third person will be present in both scenarios.This definitely helps break down same sex barriers.
If men love this idea
and this
the man might be needed to be guided by his wife on their first threesome
tentatively participating
and maybe some consoling of the spankee afterwards

So, besides so many spanking scenarios that are visible on this blog, consider exploring other sexual scenarios mentally with your partner, even if you never follow through.
try to pick up a technique today that is worth using in your love making. We can all learn something.

One trick that is worth sharing... Spicing up my oral skills by tonguing the alphabet letter  by letter on Cindy's clit area. IT is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, and I read about it on a Cosmopolitan daily email that I receive.

NEVER be too old not to learn new tricks.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

Nice tumblr, thank you.

For a 3-some: that doesn't do anything for me. I have no desires, even in my sexual fantasies, to be with 2 women. Even a fantasy about being spanked by 2 women does not work for me.

But hey, it's everyone game here.


Anonymous said...

Learned the hard way about the bond between mother and daughter. Visiting my mother-in-law, she knowing I was spanked, I messed up. In the shower my wife joined me and gave me a hand job like no other. I stayed after she left only to step out of the shower to find my mother-in-law standing there, my wife beside her. Thanks dear she said to her daughter and seeing the hairbrush I knew what was to come. A trip to the bedroom and soon standing facing the wall in the front room crying, a very sore bottom. I said not fair and my wife said, you just earned another spanking.

Njspank said...

I agree spicing my oral skills is fun to explore but then again most time after I get spanked I must please her orally!! And I do ! Also love the hand job site very under rated sexual act!

Baxter said...

wow, thank you for finding all those great tumblrs. all good and kinky

Red said...

marco: very true... reality is best, but fantasies can be fun..

anon: yikes... like mother like daughter is a saying that applies in your case... Best advice is NEVER to complain about being spanked, as you are really asking to be spanked again, as you have not accepted the fact that you were wrong and had earned your spanking.

Ron: oral skills can always be improved by both sexes... hand jobs can still be fun, specially in forbidden or exciting places.

baxter: you are welcome..definitely kinky
bottoms up