naked when you are spanked

In the game of being dominant and being submissive, being informed to take off  ALL YOUR  CLOTHES helps get you into submissive mode immediately.
In addition, being made to do cornertime before being spanked, standing their naked, must ramp up your submissiveness
Then being taken in hand and lead to where you will be positioned to be spanked! Yikes
This spanking is meant to be punishment, not play.

This spanking will be given, without your partner removing any clothing, or doing anything to make it anything but a significant spanking.
One does feel much more vulnerable whenever this type of spanking is being given

but the thought of your being naked soon leaves your mind as your thoughts focus on the spanking you are receiving
In fantasy spanking situations, this scene is sometimes played out with witnesses
but fun to imagine.
afterwards, you may be required to stay unclothed for sometime
or stand in the corner
So, a Question to you all:

Sometimes, are you made to strip completely naked before you are spanked?

Secondly, how do you feel when told this as opposed to simply be bare bottomed/

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am frequently required to strip completely for spankings and I am also required to shower as well. To be certain that I am squeaky clean down there. As I stand there naked, awaiting my fate, I feel ashamed, vulnerable, submissive, and humbled. JayJay

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

I am always naked when Lindsay spanks me. Lindsay is than dressed in very seductive clothing and stockings, to get into character. I would say that we have 75% normal sex en 25% 'spanking-sex'. It's always being used for roleplaying, never for punishment.

Best wishes,


Baxter said...

I am always naked as the spankings will lead to sex.

Question - in the first photo, there looks to be an index card with writing on it. Is that a list the reasons for the pending spanking?

Anonymous said...

Because I typically get spanked or whipped for a specific misdemeanor, J. (and N. before her) typically prefer to lower my pants - or to order me to do so - before delivering what I deserve. This also applies, of course, when one of their friends happens to be present - or when I am ordered to perform my weekend chores in a summary attire. The same is true (for obvious reasons) of the 'seasonal' whippings I may get when we are out in the woods , or of the (fortunately infrequent!) hairbrush paddlings administered in a store's changing room or in the ladies' restroom at an airport... The "full Monty" treatment is most likely to be applied when I am stepping out of the shower -which is often the case when we put in for the night at some hotel.


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, Sometimes I am and sometimes I am not. I do agree it is a submissive making thing!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

First love the second photo, presenting his bottom at a good angle. I'm always told I will be spanked and I'm to present myself naked to her along with the implements she desires to use. Very seldom is it just bare bottom. after I strip and I'm getting the implements out I'm very much is sub space as I know what is going to happen and I'm ready to accept it.

sub hub in phx said...

In my house I am required to be naked to receive a spanking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I am always naked as my spankings are for fun and most times we have sex afterward. As you may recall, we don't do punishment or role play. My wife is usually naked as well.

Is it hot in here? I might have to open a window...

All the best,


Pizza Paddle said...

My wife often tells me to strip naked when in our own place, (if I'm not naked already). Like some of the previous comments above, in a "punishment" spanking I'm ordered to the shower first, then told to relieve myself of my erection before I'm ordered over some pillows on the bed. Corner time, (minimum 30 minutes), follows.

Anonymous said...

My wife always has me naked prior to a spanking, no matter at home or away. If I have an erection, mostly I do, taken to the bathroom, sit on the toilet and told to masterbate while she watches. Always OTK, always with the hand, then a hairbrush, dancing and rubbing afterwards and then facing the wall. No matter if someone drops in I stay facing the wall, most of her friends know I'm spanked and no big deal seeing me naked facing the wall with a very red bottom.

Red said...

JayJay: thanks for sharing. The time it takes to strip, (and shower) delays the actual spanking, thus increasing the submissive feelings and anticipatory worries.

Marco: role play is great, but you may also progress to spankings for a reason like many of us have. Spankings for a reason are a wonderful benefit to a marriage.

Baxter: No idea about the index card.. Many of my spankings lead to sex, but many don't, although sex follows later that day or the next.

L: thanks for sharing... Like myself, many spankings are simply "bare your bottom", or come here, and my bottom is bared for me.

Jan: thanks for sharing... a mixture keeps you guessing..

archedone: no clothes gets one into sub space quickly

Sub hub : thanks for hairng..

Yorkie; sounds delightful to me... as I am certain it is delightful for both you and your partner.

pizza paddle: I am certain that is exceptionally effective, shower, relieve yourself, get paddled, then corner time. Glad it consensually solves problems at your house.

bottoms up

Red said...

anon: I can imagine that relieving the erection certainly puts you into subspace, and then spanking with a hair brush followed by corner time afterwards keeps you there. Friends seeing you adds an extra dimension.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Baxter - I opened the photo in a separate tab and zoomed in with Chrome. The small object that he's facing in the corner appears to be a small speaker, box, or other electronic device. I saw no writing.

But that is a good idea!


Merryslave said...

I'm always told to strip. It's been the protocol from our first date, which happened at a BDSM dungeon.
Sessions start with "Get naked and ...." (then she either tells me what implement to fetch, or what position to get in).

Anonymous said...

Standing naked, facing the wall, displaying a red bottom is the worse. My wife rules our home and when I'm told I've earned a spanking, I quickly undress, get a scolded, and then soundly spanked. My wife could care less where we maybe, I've been spanked at a hotel, spanked at my mother-in-law home, been spanked at home while others maybe present. The worse was at my mother-in-law home, for once my wife was finished, it was done in the bedroom, just the two of us, my mother-in-law walked in and I was soon over her lap, a hairbrush being applied, for it what I said to her that earned the spanking and she was going to insure I learned. I stood naked, front room, facing the wall for along time while the two talked.

Njspank said...

Nice post with a ton of comments. Me I hate being naked but then again have no choice if told to do so. As the lap I love panties so not really in my drive.

Anonymous said...

hi....often my wife will call me into the den, she sitting there in a cotton nightgown. Tells me to strip naked and that I'm going a good spanking with the paddle. I get rock hard standing in front of her...then a very good spanking .Then licking her and great sex

Red said...

merryslave: sounds delightful, and where you met means you both have similar desires

anon: I imagine you are more careful around your MIL, and better behaved at home also..

ron: when about to be spanked, we have little to say except yes dear...

anon: sounds delightful
bottoms up

Red said...

Matt: thanks for the info
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Having to prior to the spanking is what makes the spanking worse. At her mother-in-law when she bared my bottom, my erection popped out and she quickly took me to the bathroom, I had to masterbate and when done, her mother commented it was limp, my wife explained and then when I got off her lap I danced around the room, put on some show.

Red said...

anon: sadl, as you age, which may be a long time away, spankings do not always lead to an erection. An erection really is something that is not controllable, but what happens next can be dramatic and effective
bottoms up