Audrey Knight re-visited

As some of my readers may have found out, the spanking site run by Audrey and Stefan has disappeared, being replaced by some other fluff nonsense. Here is the new site, so wander over and see some real spankings:

I received the following email from Stefan, Audrey's husband.

Hi Red!

I know.  We went offline for a day and someone grabbed the name.  The same thing happened to the first tumblr…..the same people grabbed it for doc tail butt plugs…lol

What are you going to do?  There will always be people who try to take what they haven’t earned.  I suppose that’s even good in a way….otherwise, who would we feel good about spankin?  :-)

Is the address we had to move to.  Would be most grateful if you could update that.

Switching gears….

I am putting the touches on a real punishment spanking that Audrey gave to Abi.   So it its quite long.  I was thinking you might  want it divided into episodes of 10-12 minutes.  It starts with an OTH airbrushing, then to a full on OTK, then to a stand up strapping, then to a butthole spanking, and conclude with a vicious paddling.  There is also some corner time.

We are proud of it as it is both authentic but also very mindful of the fact that it is a film, and exploits the potential for intimacy that film can provide quite well.. It also is scored with entirely original music and, well, yep!  I’m psyched.  This will be the first of a series of 4 vids in a line titled “Audrey and Abigail on Their Own Terms”  I think the intimacy and severity will take people aback in a very good way.
Here’s a little trailer of part one.   You can get an impression of what we’re up to by it.  I aimed to really punch the moments that matter to spankos, and this scolding was executed so well one feels like Abi has been spanked before a single swat lands,

Let me know your thoughts and I hope you are well,

A word of warning.... some of the spankings shown are TOO INTENSE FOR MY LIKING! WE do NOT have bruising, nor any skin possibly being broken. Thus, depending on your likes and dislikes, venture over and enjoy most of what you will see, and be very happy that you are not being spanked to this intensity, unless you wanted that level of a spanking.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

It's beyond me why a spanking should lead to serious injury. Skin being torn apart, blood visible, tears. Too much is too much.
But that's just one guy talking here.

Best wishes,


Baxter said...

I agree with Marco. Whenever I see the results of spankings being blood dripping etc, I get turned off by it. I guess there is a line between spankings and outright beatings.

Fondles said...

I;ve just added the site to my tumblr, but as what the rest have said, I enjoy a good reddening of the cheeks, but anything too "drastic" makes me feel a little icky. and i just look away or scroll past. Still, I'm certain there'll be some enjoyable posts for me there :)

Red said...

Marco: I totally agree.
Baxter: it totally turns me off also,spankings and beatings are two different things
Fondles: I agree with you, and the promo that is posted is totally acceptable, although WOW, I would not enjoy receiving that as a discipline spanking. It would change my behavior for certain.
bottoms up

Stefan Rhyzhkov said...

This thread is indeed intriguing, and many feel this way. There is even an opposing camp that despises "pink tushy" spankings as inauthentic. There are people who want their bottoms warmed with some choices loving spanks, and there are Bottoms who feel that if they don't end a spanking with bruises that will last for days, they haven't been really spanked. Then, of course, there is the issue of context. Now, anything depicted in spanking erotica, save for consensual adult spanking that advertises itself as such, is to my mind's eye suspect. If a plot revolves around a "mouthy wife" getting "what she deserves" not matter how heavy or light the spanking, the film is morally repugnant. 99% of content on the web essentially depicts non-consensual spanking, and even we have been guilty of straying that way in the past. But the video you see here and indeed all clips being released were spankings that the bottom specifically requested (in terms of their severity), spankings that felt right to them. I think it dangerous to start a rule book beyond that. There is not striking of a human being that is ever acceptable. There exists in the world an adult spanking fetish that is global in scope and appeal. Thus, a fine line emerges: should video companies portray the spanking go adults playing non specific aged "brats,"? should they car to audience expectations or push them?, does anyone deserve to be berated for a fantasy? For acting on a fantasy in an trusting consensual environment? The lines we draw between our tastes and what "spanking really is" always leave a lot of good people out, shaming them, often driving them deeper into the nonproductive, unhealthy side of this interest. The difference between a spanking and a beating don't exist in many languages, and it has no concrete referent as a dividing line. My hope for the future is a kin community that is as tolerant as its propaganda. There are all kinds of people, and they all deserve to go to bed happy and safe. The sign above my heaven reads "Everybody In" not "Everybody Who Sees Things As I Do My Enter." Every claim to exclusive authenticity, is an assault on difference, and affront to tolerance, and works against normalizing the fetish by creating sub camps fighting over lines that do not exist outside the realm of erotica. Red is a prime example of a tolerant man. He stresses that some of our content is not for him, and who could not respect a man for that? He is even a big enough should to alert people to content he doesn't find enjoyable. Spanking360 has always been "the whole world of spanking" and some of our content will ALWAYS be unsatisfying to some because we have all kinds of content: a whole world of spanking. I'm guessing there will be some footage that people love, some they abhor, and some that expands horizons....what could be better than finding a new way to enjoy spanking?

Red said...

Stefan; very well written, and yes, everyone is different as to what they find acceptable and what they find unacceptable.
Whenever I use the archive feature to look at a tumblr, there are things I may enjoy, and things i dislike. Thus, I only click on those photos or gifs that I want to look at. I do not censor tumblrs, nor do I go to see if they have changed their content since last I posted about them.

What I post on my blog are only those photos, gifs, videos and thoughts to which I agree with and/or enjoy. Some FLR is fine, and some is not to my liking, etc, etc, etc.

I will post only those videos that I find acceptable, even if the spankee specifically asked for stronger than I care to look at. I will graciously leave the others to be posted elsewhere by someone else.

bottoms up

Njspank said...

Again she went too severe some of her earlier films were really sexy and not over the edge. But she is one hot lap.
Too much for me as well. But different strokes.....

Red said...

Ron: very true.. a very attractive woman, but her spankings are too hot for you or me to handle.
bottoms up