adventurous Tuesdays (feet)

I came across this will stumbling along tumblr,

and it definitely is something I had not thought about

so although it could be effective

and with exercise (always good to exercise) the feet become more flexible

I am not certain this is something we will try. (I am certain this must take a large amount of lube) and Cindy's feet are ticklish to the touch.

Has anyone tried it?
your smiles for today:

bottoms up


MRBILL said...

I know that a foot fetish is very common, but I didn't think I had such an interest. Through my efforts to serve and be submissive to my wife, I dry her feet after the shower, take off her shoes for her and rub and kiss her feet. I have found that I greatly enjoy doing this and have developed quite a thing for her feet now.
What surprised me is that of all the photos you showed, the one I found the most exciting was the last one, that did not even include sex!
I haven't been spanked yet today, but I did receive a nice belt whipping last night!

Njspank said...

Ah foot jobs. Agree if you have sensitive feet hard to deliver

Red said...

Mr Bill: thanks for sharing this with us. i just thought this would be a little different. Every part of a person can be pleasurable. Hopefully you are not spanked daily.

Ron: Soft feet I imagine would be ideal..
bottoms up