Too beautiful not to share

"Five Horses Is Her Name"
This is mythical and deep ... Truly beautiful.
 A man asked an American Indian what was his wife's name.
He replied, "She is called Five Horses".
 The man said, "That's an unusual name for a wife.
What does it mean?"
The Old Indian answered,  "It is an old Indian name. 
It means ......"

I do not recommend you show this to your wife! Her reaction might, however, be predictable    
 and the words you will hear
followed by 
 this will be effective

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I have been spanked by my wife from day one, coming off her lap the first time, rubbing and crying, she meant every spank. Nothing worse than standing before her, she lowering your pants and then underpants, scolded like a child, hand and paddle, facing the wall crying afterwards.
IF she is really mad with me I will be wearing my pajamas the rest of the day, my mother in law saw me in them one afternoon, being told why, on her next visit she brought a large hairbrush, I dread the hairbrush.

an English Rose said...

Speaking as a wife, serves him right!
love Jan,xx

Baxter said...

well I agree, not something to show your wife and my wife is not a nag anyway. today tho she met a desire/need/want of mine by meeting me in the bedroom after I had come home from work. I was changing and came out of the bathroom in my und erpants to see her standing with a paddle in her hand and pointing with the other hand to assume a position of bent over the bed. She proceeded to paddle me 25-30 times. So now I have a warm slightly stingy bottom and she got some frustrations from her work day out of her system. works for both of us.

Dan Mel said...

That joke about the 5 horses earned me a spanking.

Njspank said...

Beautiful post.......and nice hard hairbrush spanking scene thanks

Red said...

anon: Life appears to be wonderful for your wife and you, so to avoid being spanked,, behave better.

Jan: hoped you would say that! I must tell the joke ot Cindy..

Baxter: what a wonderful way to work out frustrations from work.

Dan: glad you liked the posting

Ron: you are welcome.
bottoms up