The wedding night and thereafter

I can imagine this actually happening, so to whoever did the caption (WELL DONE!)
wtf, I'm on my honeymoon! I have to spank the groom don't I???
(Audrey Knight to resort security after being informed of noise complaint)
Could this have been Audrey leaving the church
A marriage starting off correctly, will however, still need spankings..
and for those who did not start their marriage off in this manner, remember that it is never too late to start.
however, there are also some brides and wives who could benefit from being spanked (including the bridesmaids)
a dance to remember, followed by the entire wedding guest parties seeing the bride spanked
This might be why they do not want anyone behind, possibly so they spoil the photo, or possibly because they get the best photo..

bottoms up


Merryslave said...

I was spanked by my wife on our wedding night....and many times prior to that, during our dating and engagement!

Anonymous said...

Our wedding day ended with one last vow and that was she was going to "wear the pants", I needed such a woman as my wife. I had been spanked while dating, but now as show lowered my pants and underpants, I had a feeling it would be worse, it was. I stood afterwards facing the wall, as she called her mother and thanked her for the nice hairbrush.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red! I can really identify with this post. I was spanked on my honeymoon and we even had the hotel maid walk in on us as I was over the brides knees getting it on the bare with the hairbrush. JayJay

Anonymous said...

Having spanking start on the wedding night would be the best. In our case we missed out on 10 years before spanking started. And I fear she's trying to make up for lost time. Lucky me.

Njspank said...

Love the post. Any post with Audrey is awesome she is so hot stern but hot

ronnie said...

Fun pictures Red.


Anonymous said...

Laying across my wife lap the morning after our wedding I was learning that she meant every word, I would be spanked when she decided it was needed. Squirming and kicking, pleading I felt the sting of the large hairbrush her mother gave her as a wedding present. Dancing around the room afterwards, and it had to be in the hotel, I knew what was to come. Ten years later I'm still spanked, always bare bottom, mostly in private, always face the wall afterwards, no matter who may drop in.

Anonymous said...

My wife spanks me, not playful either, it is what has kept our marriage together. First the first I accepted, I do not like her baring my bottom, but a part of the punishment. Mostly it is her hand that gets my attention, but her mother gave her a sturdy hairbrush, learns faster and remembers longer her mother told her. Always over her lap, always wall facing time. Spankings can happen anywhere, she does not wait, the worse being spanked in front of my mother-in-law and then over her lap and learned her spankings hurt a lot worse. I need them, so I accept this.

Anonymous said...

Having been across my wife lap, bare from the waist down, feet kicking, hairbrush being applied, I know. It happened a week after our honeymoon, I thought it was a joke until my pants and underpants I kicked off during the spanking. Spanked still, dread it, she knows how to properly warm my bare bottom and I watch myself afterwards, but mess up down the road.

Red said...

Merryslave: a perfect name for a fun relationship. You knew what your married life would be like before you were married. Congratulations.

anon: a perfect situation in that you knew in advance to being married. Congratulations

JayJay: sounds delightful If you do not want to be surprised, remember to put the please do NOT disturb sign up in future. Congratulations on continuing a loving relationship.

archedone; as did we, unfortunate, but enjoy your future together

Ron: Audrey is definitely HOT

Ronnie: glad you liked them

anon; sounds like a perfect marriage, with a mother-in-law that knows how you need to be treated.

anon: as do we all.
bottoms up