The title might remind old-timers about the television show titled: Rowan and Martin's Laugh In, which was hilarious at it's time.
So few words are needed
The brush in her hand
and the finger shows you where she wants you to be
so, come here

you know you deserve to be spanked for your actions
Yes, her friend is here, but you misbehaved in front of her friend , so you can be spanked in front of her friend
you can sense the word NOW!!!
and if still reluctant, you will be taken hold of

and dragged into position
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My wife smiled when the first time she pointed at me, thinking it was foreplay I played along with her. It was dancing around the room, crying, rubbing afterwards, it was not foreplay, but for real. I love her so much I accept the spankings, not all. I recently had my bottom bared in front of my mother-in-law and my wife used the hairbrush from the start. I did put on a show, could not help it. Facing the wall afterwards I at least could hide my privates, only my mother-in-law soon had me over her lap and after that I could care less how much I expose myself, my bare bottom was my concern.

Njspank said...

All so hot and amazing. Thanks

Red said...

anon; the quicker you learn from being spanked, the less spankings you will receive...

ron: you are welcome

bottoms up