spankings and high heels

Many people enjoy seeing a woman in high heels, and assuredly many women enjoy wearing them.

Many men enjoy seeing a woman spank a man, and assuredly many women enjoy spanking their man.
Put these two desires together, and you have this wonderful site to visit.
Your partner might be dressed to go out, but decides you need a warning spanking before you go.
She might even have you disrobe, just to show who is boss, before you are spanked
here is the site: enjoy

rest assured, the shoes are sturdy enough to support you over her knee
and a woman can find herself being spanked by another woman also
she might be going out for the evening, but leaving you at home with a well spanked bottom, and lines to write
best to obey ASAP, you are never going to avoid a spanking when it has been determined that you are going to be spanked

bottoms up


Njspank said...

Great pics and post. Thanks

Thomas Brooks said...

Care to see a mom's perfect idea of a "Bedtime story", her smile[s] suggest a comfortableness, as she tail[s], a bedtime story...!

Anonymous said...

Hello and welcome home Red. I really like the 6th one down. I think it's important that the naughty boy's behind is higher that the naughty boy's head during the correction. I personally spend a good deal of time in that position!bbbThanks. JayJay

Red said...

Ron: you are welcome

Thomas: a smiling spanker is always preferred!

JayJay: that is my usual position also when I am spanked
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I know that what turns people on is different and the "High Heels" camp is probably large but such accoutrements do not matter to me. Also my spanker being naked, semi naked and or wearing lacy undies and gartered stockings, while interesting, are not important. I am turned on when she is dress similar to the white blouse and skirt shown above or the plain green dress in the photo that follows.
One important turn on is her taking charge and removing my slacks and pulling my undershorts down while ordering me to stand straight and still. The longer that process of humiliation and exposure takes the better. An intimate examination of my genitals and heiney builds the excitement especially during the couple of times when there was a third party present.
An added turn on is being stripped and exposed in a semi-public place where being discovered is possible.
The human mind works in some strange ways.

Red said...

Daniel: the setting adds to the spanking, but any spanking is great. outdoors has added a definite edge, as would being spanked while someone watches. Glad you have a partner that enjoys spanking you as much as you enjoy being spanked
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Both N. and J. like(d) to wear high heels - only to discard them when spanking or whipping me - to get a firmer foothold, I guess...


Red said...

L: makes perfect sense, but in Cindy's and my case, raising her knees keeps me comfortably for her knees, and at the perfect height.
bottoms up