spanking beginnings

I have finally starting cleaning out my email folders, and found some wonderful items. I will be sharing some as time goes by.
This is from a friend,, who lives in the USA. Maybe he will give an update from what he sent 4 years ago
I've been reading your blog now for about a month now and I really enjoy it. Your experiences with spanking are the closest in concept to mine that I've come across so far. 

I wanted to make contact to say hi and share some thoughts if that's OK.

My journey with spanking has been a long one and there have been ups and downs. For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by it. Mostly my interest has been with me being the spankee but I'm not against being the spanker either.

My wife and I have been happily married now for 27 years, with wonderful children

My wife has known of my spanking desires since before we were married and has indulged me occasionally, both before marriage and into the early years  but when the kids were born that was it. She point blank refused.

About 2 years ago however, my pent up desires started to spill over and I just couldn't hold it in any longer. I tried to keep it hidden but it was killing me. Our marriage, while not perfect, was pretty good but I couldn't keep this resurgence from her. We usually don't keep things from each other and I was not handling this well. She saw the agony I was in and wanted me to tell her but I was afraid to tell her because I was convinced she'd freak.

She didn't. In fact, she just said "OK". 

And that was the start of this journey, of discovery and a closer, healthier marriage. 

My reason for contacting you as I said, though,  is just to say hello and to gain some insight as I feel I am somewhat unique for a male spankee in that for me it is just pure sexual gratification. I do not desire punishment, discipline nor a dominating women. And for that matter, neither does my wife.

In my searching the interwebs I've just not found any male spankees that just want to be spanked because, well they want to be spanked. There are plenty of females who I can relate to in this regard but no males. You're the closest I've come across thus prompting this email. You seem to enjoy it as much as I do, I think although you do use it for relational therapy too.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this if you did. It would be nice to hear back but please don't feel obliged.

Best regards,
I am reasonably certain I answered then, but here is another answer that hopefully is similar:
I crave spankings, and once they came into my life with Cindy, my desire grew. I believe this desire is a absolutely similar desire to Ronnie's, Hermione's, Jan's, and many other women who blog about spanking..
We use spankings as foreplay, but we also use spankings as a method to solve small meaningless problems, and later in the day we have no idea why the disagreement occurred. .  It simply works for us, but Cindy at times goes through stages of not spanking me.
and this thought is delightful
I whole heartedly recommend this site to you

Hopefully some other people will add why they have spankings in their life?
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Stress relief, my wife comes from a family where the women have spanked their husbands, tradition that proved to be useful. I told my wife while dating my desire to be spanked, it started out sexual, but now a trip across her lap leaves me dancing, rubbing, crying, I have found a spanking to be necessary and have no regrets.

Baxter said...

I tend to agree with the writer in that I seek to be spanked but not in a punishment or discipline manner, rather that I get horny for a spanking, my dear wife of 32 years obliges, and then we go on with things. It is typically foreplay but sometimes my wife gets carried away, and the ability to have sex right then is diminished, but will happen as some time passes.

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, nice post, I hope all turned out well for your friend
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

I'm like the poster. I just like to get spanked to be spanked, not for any sort of real discipline.

Njspank said...

Wonderful post thank you Red just terrific thoughts

Kt said...

I love the above pictures of dominant females. I am a male who is hard-wired submissive for erotic spankings. Woman of authority like above dressed in business attire of a supervisor are quite exciting. Being put over a woman's knee creates a safe place for me to have both pain and pleasure from her. It is sexual for me but maternal because I am prevented from having sex with her at that moment. She is in charge and I am getting a spanking until my bottom is red and she is satisfied.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the first poster. My spanking started as stress relief then as time went on punishment and foreplay was added.

Red said...

anon; glad it works for both of you.. thanks for sharing

Baxter: whatever works for both of you is great, but adding some discipline I find makes for more spankings, which is erotic. Cuddling always revives me.

Jan; i think it is working out well for both of them.

anon#2: true, but you should try it sometime, being spanked for a reason that you then can work on to correct and make life with your partner even happier.

Ron: you are welcome

Kt: first, thanks for choosing a name and joining the discussion. Are you in such a relationship that you describe?

archedone: sounds terrific to me.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Hi Red. This is a great post. I identified so much with his story that I'm pretty sure that's my email! The story is so similar to mine it's practically identical.
I've just come back from a few nights away with my wife and let me say we both really enjoyed it.
As far as spanking goes, our circumstances at the moment don't allow for spankings at home and the last time we got away was late last year so to say we broke the spanking drought is an understatement.

I think i might jave overdosed on the pleasure as the spankings were intense and the sex afterwards was absolutely awesome.
My only regret is coming home as I have mo idea when the next spanking will be. Don't get me wrong, I love my family but I also love the intimacy I get from the spankings my dear wife administers.

All the best,


Red said...

yorkie: Thank you fro being a first time commenter, and usng a name so we can follow your situation. Just wondering what is the approximate age of the children? sounds like a wonderful adventure you are having with your wife. Eventually, the children will grow up and move to college or elsewhere in life, and sooner than you expect you will be home alone being spanked often.
Be certain to plan if the children will be away for a day or a good part of an evening. opportunities exist.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Four children, eldest two are in their early twenties, youngest two are late teens. I tell you, I can't wait to get them out!
Seriously, I would rather them go out under their own steam when they are ready and my selfish desires can wait. Besides, that's what hitels are for...



Red said...

Yorkie: definitely what hotels are for... enjoy
bottoms up

Joe said...

This is a great post! I want to be spanked for the sheer pleasure of it and have been trying to get my wife into it with just a little success. While I have gotten my wife to spank me twice, one time being called birthday wacks, both times have been mild hand spanks bent over the bed. I once tried to get her into it by bending over and using a belt on myself which got me so hot we had some wild sex but so far she just says she is afraid of hurting me. I even enjoy having my front spanked as well as my rear and did get one good front spanking once which resulted in some very hot sex. Any suggestions on how to get my wife more willing to fulfill my desires? I would really appreciate any help you may be able to offer. I have found self spanking with a wooden spoon helps me feel a little better and will put on a show for her soon.
Please keep up the great blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

Absolutely vital is ooen and honest communication between you and your wife and be patient and give her the time and space she needs to get used to your "needs".

I did this for my wife and kept up the communication. Our marriage was quite good before hand and as I said before she realised how important it was for me so now, even though she hates it, she does it for me and I show her how much am grateful for it. I love her very much and I tell her as often as I can.

All the best,


Red said...

Joe: the response from Yorkie is great, and you can also start looking at some of my earliest posts. I also recommend visiting the disciplinarywivesclub that I post a link to on the side of the blog. However, we do not do the heavy spankings that are suggested, but it is a way to encourage dialogue.
good luck
bottoms up