requested idea for a spanking

Jay EM re-visited.
One reader anon, has been communicating with me for quite some time, as has here husband, anonhubby. They live in the USA, and having more than 318 million people, I am not giving too much away about them by saying this.
anon enjoys being spanked, probably the way that I enjoy everything about the spanking scene, the before the after, but sometimes not as pleasant as the actual spanking is.
hubby also is spanked, and enjoys the idea like anon does. One more tidbit after the suggestion.

The first comment you may have already seen, on Jay EM's Art:

"Thank you Red for the posting and hubby will see his wife getting a old fashion this coming weekend. After a short discussion my sister proved I was the one in error and all three of us agreed on it. You will be sent a before and after of my chubby old cheeks....."

Well, a dear dear friend for more than ten years ago, sent me a picture of herself standing in the garden, with a bare red bottom, that showed she had been spanked.  She has since spanked me once when we visited her and her husband.

Various male readers have sent me pictures of them-self after a spanking (bare red bottom), or a photo  of their wife's spanked bare red bottom.

I do NOT post these photos, unless they specifically ask a few times that it is okay to post. I am reluctant because these are not professional models, and spanking photos will outlast our life on the Internet.

Then, this was the second comment they left on the same post.

We have decided to let you and Cindy decide on which picture you want us to imitate in a real way......JayEm shows some real punishment and we will take our chance....you pick it we will do it and report back to you.....hubby

Cindy does not read my blog. It is my kink, which she is an active participant, but does not devote anytime to reading or surfing about spanking on the Internet.
Aside: I was given four sharp spanks with the kitchen stirrer this morning, for saying: Oh Dear..., because she dislikes my use of the word DEAR when saying something criticizing whatever... just after I had walked in the kitchen, and later this morning, Cindy received four spanks with the same implement for some behavior or comment (I have already forgotten).

Thus, this is my suggestion only...
I believe the sister has a very strong hand which she should use first, and after a little cornertime for both anon and hubby with REDDENED BOTTOMS

The cornertime should then be followed by a:
short session with a hairbrush  for each.

This would be the delightful picture they could send, but only their bottom has to be bare.

This will be pleasant dreams for the readers.


Unfortunately, I will be traveling for a month, so no one, including me, will know the results until I get back.
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Rules are rules when it come to my mother-in-law, and so my wife and I stood before her trying to explain the drinking, partying, and at all places, her home. We could not and she was a large woman, we stood there, pajamas, and I watched as she spanked her daughter soundly and then I was over her lap, bottom bared and feeling the sting of her hand until I was crying, pleading. We both stood facing the wall, bare bottom on display. It was not the first time, and we both knew a private discussion with the hairbrush was coming.

smuccatelli said...

I know you won't see this for a while, but I wanted to congratulate you on posting some more of JayEm's work. I earlier commented on the wonderful expressions of anger, or sternness or determination on the part of his spankers and I think the first pic demonstrates that perfectly; her firm disapproval of bad behavior and her determination to make a lasting impression of that disapproval on the bottoms of the two miscreants.

Really like JayEm's work. That last pic is pretty good too... ;-)

Baxter said...

I have no idea if she is into any kink, but I would love my sister in law giving me a red bottom.


Anonymous said...

Maybe hubby should be spanked by both.

Njspank said...

Tea for two a tribute to a sound hand spanking. Love it

Red said...

anon; interesting. thanks for posting

smuccatelli: you are welcome

Baxter: the sad thing is we are so careful of not letting others know.

archedone: Hopefully they should read and agree with your comment, or they may decide that she should be spanked by both.

Ron: glad you like it
bottoms up