reasons a man might be spanked

So many reasons, so little time
stated slightly differently, after you had agreed to stop being a naughty boy.
and yet... men cannot help themselves....
She might say later in the evening
 and yet, time and again, we men need to be reminded
staring results in
 and then we forget to do our chores..
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your posts!
Yes, i've been spanked for porn. And just today, for looking at bikini-clad women yesterday. So, we certainly need to be corrected as men! (or cds)

Njspank said...

Love them all and nice lady in bra and panty

Baxter said...

oh there are plenty of reasons why I might be spanked. Whining when shopping, not clearly following instructions, complaining about nothing in particular, ya know.

Red said...

sara: some people do need to be spanked

Ron: yes, very attractive women

baxter: I have been spanked for those reasons, and many others
bottoms up