March questions answered

Your questions answered!

Do you find ways to get a spanking or does she?
No, I usually earn my spankings by doing something wrong. However, I also sometimes ask to be spanked if no spankings have occurred for awhile, and Cindy happily agrees.

Baxter asked:
Have you and Cindy been married a long time? 
44 years

How many years have you been a spanko?
Since my latter teenage years

Is Cindy a spanko also 
Cindy is NOT a spanko

Is cindy a wife who has acquiesced to your needs and does everything in her power to meet those needs for spanking?
Cindy is willing to spank me when asked, but also initiates a spanking whenever she is annoyed by my behavior. Cindy also spanks me as foreplay, but the spanking is equally as hard as any other spanking.

archedone asked:
If anything, what in your spanking relationship would you like to change.
Cindy giving me a spanking, when she is very happy about something special in our life together, to celebrate our love.

Do you have a spanking fantasy that you would like to fulfil?
Meeting you and/or Hermione, and we are both bare bottomed spanked by our respective spouse! We are positioned in such a way that we are looking at each other's face and the spanks descending. This would be the scenario, but we would be facing each other.
What's your favourite positionNormally it is OTK, but a longer spanking can be given when Cindy is seated upright on the bed with her back supported, and I am kying across her lap.

What's your favourite spanking implement?
It is now a toss-up between the tawse and Cindy's favorite

What's Cindy's favourite implement she likes to spank you with?
Cindy loves the leather heart shaped metal studded paddle!

This was fun for me. Maybe I should do it again sometime.
bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, oh gosh I don't fancy a studded paddle of any kind!
love Jan, xx

ronnie said...

Quite a little fantasy:) Not sure how I would feel being spanked with someone I know. Ouch on the studded paddle.

Thanks for answering Red.


Baxter said...

Congrats on 44 years of marriage.


Anonymous said...

Good questions and great answers. Glad you enjoyed them.

Red said...

Jan: the studs are embedded and hardly above the surface, so more show than effect.

ronnie: well, you asked for a fantasy, so thought I should include it. Note, we are both being spanked at the same time, and only facing each others faces. Rather good as a fantasy I thought. The next time you wear those school knickers, P might talk about all the rest of your classmates next door are listening to you being spanked,or maybe the spanking will be in the staff room while other teachers are having a nice cup of tea. Enjoy...

Baxter: We do..it is wonderful

Archedone: thanks

bottoms up