Leonardo art

So many wonderful spanking artists, so little time....
His repertoire encompasses traditional (keep your hands on the floor)
Outdoor adventures
Waiting for you r spanking
someone watching you be spanked
and Cheryl  thinking the exact same thing as her sister, regarding her spanking him.
This is quite classic, because it is very true that many people LIKE to be spanked
but tears only occur in fantasy (unless their is an emotional underlying issue)
fun commentaries have been added by many people
and, in reality, spankings do not always eliminate erections
 bottoms up


Anonymous said...

In regard to the last photo my erections are at their best during the spanking. When the spanking is over I put it to good use!

Hapoy spankings!


Njspank said...

Love the first one and the last one usually depends on the spanking!

Baxter said...

spanking art is interesting. so is black and white photographs of the same subject. different mediums, different looks.


Red said...

yorkie: awww, to be young again, my erections are long gone before the spanking ends, but arise immediately afterwards for sexual activities.

Ron: very true, the more effective the spanking, the less likely the erection when standing up.

Baxter: very true
bottoms up