home again

Traveling is great, but home sweet home is also terrific. We had another great vacation. and I will write more as time goes by. However, there was little opportunity for spankings, although some were earned. Being a male, how can you ever be expected to be perfect, and thus notches are assigned, and  spankings are certain to follow.
One can only hope that this is the small tawse that is being hidden behind this woman's back, but someday soon it will probably be the longer tawse, which I am already dreading, and wondering why I ever purchased such an item.
of course, other alternatives exist..
but I thought a photo of a woman would be more appealing than one of my bottom
Hope it is just the hair brush on her bottom, or maybe followed by a belt, but not the long tawse.

Just one item from the flight. the stewardesses were FABULOUS
One can really enjoy their cute manner of wearing their new uniforms.
thought for today:
bottoms up


Njspank said...

So glad you had a great vacation. Spankings aside, happy you enjoyed.
Love the lady in the second photo

ronnie said...

Welcome home Red. Happy you had a wonderful holiday. Look forward to reading about it.

The long tawse certainly bites.


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, welcome home, glad you had a nice holiday
love Jan, x

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, you and Cindy were missed. I'm sure some of your travels are of note and hopefully we will hear about them.

Baxter said...

welcome back. loved the blogs that ran during your vacation.


Red said...

Ron thank you

ronnie; thanks, and thanks for the advice

Jan: thank you

archedone; thanks

baxter, thanks, and you are welcome

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Indees5. Welcome back Red. Now that you're home may rhe spankings commence!


Red said...

Yorkie: they have. Thanks for the welcome and the advice
bottoms up