Heart ATTACK Grill consequences video

This is a delightful video, that was sent to me by a friend very recently. I am posting it today, and you see some real nice spanks on some very attractive woman customers.  Either click the link. or simply click on the video itself. Unfortuantely blogger and youtube do not combine easily for scrren size, so I recommend the link.

I will definitely make this a stop if we are somewhere near it, but only for the smallest possible burger.
The website http://www.heartattackgrill.com/
and you can see other videos of the spankings there
The above information was sent by a reader, Marco!
Hello Red,
I am Marco,a 45 year old Dutchman, married with a lovely wife!
I enjoy your blog about some time now, since I had convinced my wife that 'Spanking' would be something that I liked to happen in our bedroom.

And so it did, haha.
I've added a clip.
Hope you enjoy it....
Yours sincerely,

Thanks Marco. We have recently been to Holland, and hope to visit again in the next few years. Stay in touch privately, (like your email), and we might chat more, and maybe meet someday. 
bottoms up


Njspank said...

That last blonde has a lovely butt. I so want to go there yeah smallest burger and then get paddled...who could ask for more! Thanks

Baxter said...

the waitress that was doing the spanking had a sexy butt. Heart attack grill - that pretty much defines most hamburger joints in the US. Not a fan of Las Vegas so doubt I will get there.

Red said...

Ron: sounds perfect to me.. and a front row seat please...
bottoms up

Red said...

baxter: probably very true about hamburgers, but good to know in case you are ever driving through Las Vegas. (stop for one beer)
bottoms up