Green Shoes at the Masters

Green Shoes at the Masters
Whether you're a golfer or not, these are AWESOME shoes!
Nike now markets Green Shoes fashioned for spectators
first seen at the 2013 Masters Tournament

The Shoes, Look at the Shoes!!
Sometimes I think I'm wasting my time sending anything to you!
But when your wife sees you looking at this post, the result is inevitable
 your complaint on being spanked will be answered
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

You do know it was really hard to get down to the shoes. But if my wife had seen me staring I'd surely be like the second picture bent over the sofa for a reminder of where to keep my eyes.

Njspank said...


Baxter said...

I am sure I would look at a woman displaying herself like that but once I got over the initial look, I would wonder what the heck was wrong with her, dressing so blatantly erotic and what exactly does she want. HA. She may not know it, but she needs a good hard spanking followed by a mind blowing orgasm.

Red said...

archedone: seems worthwhile and appropriate

Ron; you are welcome

Baxter: sounds absolutely perfect, and i would love to administer both
bottoms up