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So many spankee bloggers, so little time. However, here is one blog I recommend to you.

Jan writes: I am a fifty something wife, happily married. We have been doing ttwd / dd for a few years. We are now even more happily married :).

The wonderful thing about blogging, and commenting on other peoples spanking blogs, is that you get to connect with REAL PEOPLE,  In our life, we do not have any friends that live nearby, that we would ever talk about spanking with. the spanking friends that we (actually I) have built-up live a long distance away, so one could talk about spanking without being judged.

Some bloggers tell you about their everyday things, some focus solely on spanking, but it let's you connect that we are just normal people, with a decided kink to either spank, but in most cases, be spanked.

Most blogs, where the creator writes about spanking themes, are people who are spanked. Rarer are the blogs that are written by the spanker.

So, I wholeheartedly recommend that you drop by Jan's house and say hello. The more sites you visit  the merrier.

Aside: spanking tumblrs are great for pictures and captions, but you never really get to know the person who is creating the site.
Here is one for your fantasy..
this is one for reality
and here is one to bring a smile
bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, wow, thanks for the shout out, what a nice surprise. You are always welcome to my world.
love Jan, xx

Njspank said...


Baxter said...

that cartoon is very funny.

Red said...

Jan: I really enjoy your blog (when I am in town), so it is worthy of highlighting.

Ron: you are welcome

Baxter: very true
bottoms up