a smile or two for today

Some people's reality
 Now,what was your first thought for this picture
Another great thought
finally, the answer:
my kind of office..wish I had worked there
and lastly, guess what you getting when you get home
bottoms up


ronnie said...

They did make me smile. Thanks Red.


Njspank said...

The last one is from Blue Bloods a show I love because of the character Erin shown above I dream is being over her lap. Also recently the man in the picture Danny threatened to dpank his lovely wife. Love it

Baxter said...

no addiction to tumblr. NOT. there is some wild stuff on tumblr if you are creative in your search. Like the dishwasher cartoon.

smuccatelli said...

Saw that last one (along with another with the same two) on "Beautiful When She's Angry". I liked it but I thought I would point out that it's from the Tom Selleck TV show "Blue Bloods" and the actors are Donnie Wahlburg and Bridget Moynihan and they play his son and daughter respectively, which makes them brother and sister on the show so the vignette takes on a whole different meaning knowing that, doesn't it?

Red said...

Ronnie: happy to give you a smile..

Ron: never watched the show, but sounds interesting. she looks like a woman who should be spanking him.

Baxter: beyond wild, everything imaginable under the sun.

smuccatelli: true, but in the fantasy of the two pictures, I think no one would know this. Thus, acceptable as they are above the age of 21.
bottoms up