a brush in time saves nine

So many thrilling (and fearful) photos abound on the internet
A lecture first, from a very determined woman
A smile, as you start removing your pants
A little annoyance creeping in because you are going too slowly
When the hands are in this position, wow, are you in trouble for delaying
Your focal point is no longer your partner's eyes, but the brush she is holding
As you approach her lap, the brush is all that you see
Even her stocking tops hold less fascination than normal
and even if she takes off her skirt, all you see is that WOODEN BRUSH
Times up, the spanking has begun
and it will be effective
and afterwards, she lets you see what a fine tuned implement this is for your bottom.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Hi Red. I certainly do see nothing but the brush but in my case I want it. Call me crazy but withbus there is no role play, no punishment just the joy of spanking.
I'm getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it.
Someone open a window, it's hit in here...

Many spankings to all


Njspank said...

I so love to hate the feeling of the brush spanking my bottom

smuccatelli said...

Lovely pics. I notice the next-to-last one is of the redoubtable Margaret Morley (of Leda and NuWest and Ma'am fame) giving a naughty boy one of her famous hairbrush spankings. I wonder whatever happened to her?

Red said...

Yorkie: wonderful, but slowly your partner should introduce spankings to improve your behavior.

Ron: my exact sentiments

smuccatelli: yes, a classic photo, but no idea what has happened to those wonderful ladies

bottoms up