two women spanking you! (could be fun)

The imagination is a wonderful thing, so many men fantasies revolve around being spanked by two women at once.
The fantasy might have one walking into the house, to see the greeting awaiting him.
 What might he say.... "why are you holding those spanking implements" and the ladies raise them and say: Oh these spanking IMPLEMENTS. Come here so we can explain.
Well, the explanation is about to be given, but you will not need these pants
 and now
no underwear 
As one woman admires your shrunken penis at the thought of what is to happen, the other looks you in the eye, and asks : " Might you have an inkling what is too happen next?
and while being finally divested of all clothes: She asks and " you claim you have  no idea why this is about to happen from both of us at the same time????
or, you might be questioned before it is time to go over their knees 
 Almost looks like mother-in-law and wife are spanking you, and your WIFE IS REALLY ENJOYING HERSELF
My, your feet are doing some wonderful dance moves
and, don't worry,
you will not escape until they DECIDE your spanking is done
 enjoy the fantasy.
Has anyone ever been spanked by two women (or by a couple at the same time.)
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Not at the sametime, but went from one lap to the next. My wife and mother-in-law had enough of my late night partying, not listening to their warning. A Saturday morning I will never forget, my wife pulling me from the shower to the bedroom, she soundly spanked my wet bare bottom until I was crying and then to my shock my mother-in-law who was visiting wanted her turn and by the time she was done, dancing, rubbing, I would never not heed their warning. Worse of all is being naked in front of my mother-in-law, all on display and she smiles and saids seen it many times before.

Anonymous said...

To be over my mother-in-law lap and my wife lap at the same time would be beyond words. The slipper well I have been spanked with such, my wife favorite, leaves a very lasting impression, so would not want that.

Dan Mel said...

I too have never been spanked by two women at the same time but I have been spanked in front of my sister in law and mother in law then after my wife was finished my sister in law spanked me then when they finished and I was apologizing to them my mother in law grabbed me by the balls and started squeezing until I dropped to my knees and promised to behave.

Njspank said...

I was lucky enough to experience this twice. Amazing and fun however I will tell you the sensation of being over two laps is just incredible but the spanking is so intense and painful. You can not imagine the feeling of two hands spanking each cheek. Wish I could do it again.

Baxter said...

never, but the fantasy of both my wife and sister in law spanking me, either together or one after the other is there.


Anonymous said...

Like most two women spanking me together or one after the other is a fantastic fantasy that most spankos have including me. I'm sure at the time it was taking place with feet dancing and bottom on fire I would not enjoy it too much but I'd like to find out.

Anonymous said...

It happens every time B. (J's sister) comes to visit - or when we visit her... Fortunately, B. lives in France, so the occasions are few, and far between - but they are always memorable!


Brent said...

I experienced this, and it was wonderful. I would love to do it again.

Red said...

anon; it appears you might now be learning what marriage entails. You have a wife, who you should want to be spending your time with.

anon 2: as long as it is consensual, then best to behave appropriately and their would be very few spankings.

Dan: sounds like your behavior must have been horrendous, and you are lucky to still be married.

Ron: sounds delightful, and at the same time very frightening. Lucky man.

Baxter: may your fantasy one day come true. Maybe if you win the powerball,as a part of sharing a good sum with your sister-in-law, she would agree to both spanking you at the same time.

archedone: as would I

L: we should join you sometime in France, or where you live in the USA. (my fantasy)

Brent: lucky man
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,
I have never been spanked by two women at the same time. However, I have 3 sisters-in-law and I can say that all three have at one time or other been present to hear and witness my wife administer punishment to my bare fanny.
One memorable occasion comes to mind right now. i was caught in a lie that embarrassed and humiliated my wife and i can say that I did deserve the licking I got. Lisa, my sister-in-law was asked to bring the big paddle from my wife's desk downstairs up to the bedroom where I was getting it OTK with the hairbrush. Lisa arrived with the big Spencer paddle as I was being led into the bathroom for a mouth soaping. Crying like 5 year old and begging for mercy I was given a good scolding as my mouth was washed out repeatedly with a big washcloth loaded with ivory soap suds. While I stood there suffering my fate Lisa was just feasting her eyes on my well hair-brushed hiney and sudsy mouth.
She handed the large paddle over to my wife and I was returned to the bedroom to get the rest of my punishment with that dreaded spencer paddle.
I must say that Lisa asked my wife to let me wash my mouth out with fresh water and mouthwash before returning to the bedroom to resume the spanking and she also suggested that I only get another 12 cracks because of the severity of the bruises I already had. My wife agreed and Lisa stayed to witness the rest of my spanking. I was grateful to her indeed for I was truly stressed out by the mouth soaping. JayJay

Anonymous said...

You seem to forget that N. was the one who first invited me to "give her a hand" (along with a couple of her friends, I believe?)
And did you also "forget" the times when I asked P. and T. to wallop your derrière? They do - and you can be sure it will happen again!


Red said...

rather a extreme form of consensual spanking, but i am hoping that it is consensual. You agree that when you misbehave, the seriousness of the misbehavior determines the severity of the spanking. Personally, we do not agree with bruising or any blood
bottoms up

Red said...

J: sounds like a very forgetful man, and that gets me spanked if it is something I should not have forgotten.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Yes, I assure you that our relationship is consensual. I find the submission very exciting and I love to submit to her will, especially when I am about to be spanked or ordered to go down on her. This was an example of a severe spanking for real punishment that I truly deserved. Most of my spankings are not that severe and usually end in fantastic sex. I am happy in my situation. JayJay

Red said...

JayJay: glad to hear it. I believe I have asked before, and you have responded before, but some readers may be new to the blog, and I like them to know that this is consensual.
bottoms up