Tomy's wife (a F/M Blog)

I have been amiss in not writing about a blog I have visited a few times, which I think is excellent. The level of writing and thoughts are excellent, but you will not visit this site for spanking related pictures and art work. That is a very good thing, because you visit for the thoughts expressed, which might stimulate your thinking.

Tomy's most recent post had one idea which I will be following up on. Tomy and his wife have had a review of their DWC lifestyle, and that has lead to some changes, which include a weekly review, and harder spankings.

Due to health concerns, I have not been spanked in a very longtime, and I think we are both feeling that neglect in our lifestyle, with frustrations  mounting. However, since i started writing this, and now, we seem to be moving back towards spankings.

Tomy has been posting since 2013, but only on the average of once every month or two.
My advice is to drop by, as every f/m spanking site always needs encouragement.

Remember to smile everyday

and if you want spanking in your lifestyle, with you being spanked, gently bring up the idea with your partner... (many tips have been given during the life of my blog.)
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Njspank said...

Nice post and thanks for the reference

Baxter said...

I have gone to Tomy's blog. interesting reading thanks

Red said...

ron; you are welcome
Baxter: definitely interesting reading
bottoms up