Sunday's thoughts

Another week ends, so let the grins begin!
When you were growing up, wouldn't you have loved to do this with Betty and Veronica...
but because you could not spank the students, IF YOU WERE THE TEACHER:

wouldn't it have been lovely if YOU COULD HAVE SPANKED THE PARENTS

at least the fantasy lives on with adult age play spanking scenes

bottoms up


Njspank said...

Oh lord....Betty and Veronica now they were sexy and wow things I used to think about them and yes included spankings. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Spankings and church, my wife's family strong church people and shortly after our marriage I got drunk Saturday night and Sunday morning, hung over I was going to church.
I told my wife like hell, said it stepping out of the shower, needless to say, I was soon over her lap, and then dancing around the bathroom crying and rubbing. That Sunday in church I squirmed in the pews, others notice my wife just smiled. Spankings are a part of our marriage, she feels it helps me tow the line and I agreed to the spankings. That was the first time after a spanking we went out. After church, I knew other asked, my wife said a couple of women did, she told them. At home I was told get in my pajamas and get to the frontroom. She scolded me like a child, the pajamas was to remind me I was a naughty little boy. She then pulled the bottoms down and spanked me again and I faced the wall for a long time until I got my crying stopped.

Anonymous said...

Growing up I wondered if Betty and Veronica would spank Archie.

Red said...

ron: you are welcome

anon: best for your health not to drink too much, which you did, and best for your bottom also.

archedone: wishful thinking???
bottoms up