Sunday's thoughts

This says it quite eloquently
Maybe your release is being spanked, or with consensual approval spanking your partner
 Never go too easy
a spanking with a smile

or maybe you ask for this but only weekly
And your absolutely most INAPPROPRIATE JOKE, but it is a groaner
 a parting thought
bottoms up


Baxter said...

the fourth from the bottom, I think if that was the threat, I would never clean up the mess.


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, I reckon the bitchiness one is fairly accurate today!
love Jan,xx

Njspank said...

I love the lead comment......that is my desire I am a good person who needs direction of a caring but stern lady. Love it. Thanks

Red said...

Jan: I am hoping that you are well enough to be spanked soon... Not being physically well to be spanked certainly does make us grumpy (ie: bitchy)

Ron; Hope you find that person, if you have not already.
bottoms up