spanking art

Just a fun little post : This is a delightful way to ask for a spanking
The obvious answer if you want the spanking to continue
The ensuing aftercare will be delightful

The top drawing comes from a new site featuring spanking art you will have seen elsewhere, but it is a nice combination of many drawings.

On a different note, being retired, I am always looking for some gainful employment! This just might be the occupation for me.
 alternatively, maybe if my employer at the coffee shop disapproves of my performance, this might be a fun future
 bottoms up


ronnie said...

Love these Red. Thanks for sharing.


Njspank said...

Great post and pics. What is it about drawings that are so awesome and erotic. First one, love her panty. Just hot

Charlotte - I'm SPankee said...

Nice pics, i like the spanking from Art perspective! Cheers

QBuzz said...

Nancy's tumblr is great! Thanks for sharing

Baxter said...

thanks. it is fun to alternate between drawings as well as black and white pictures and color photos of spanking. I do agree that there is something hot about drawings.


smuccatelli said...

Nice tumblr. Thanks. And nice pics. The first two are signed by Endart and the third is obviously his, although not credited. I've seen the fourth one but am unfamiliar with the artist and the fifth, though also uncredited, is by Ian Hamilton. Love his work!

Red said...

Ronnie: When I saw the first art work, I thought of you and P.
Ron: glad you liked them
Charlotte; thanks for leaving a comment. Glad you liked the art work
Qbuzz: glad you like it.
Baxter: yes, definitely something hot about spanking art
smuccatelli: end art is obvious and wonderful, thanks for informing me about Ian Hamilton.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I like the Endart picture with the ensuing Aftercare, because itconfirms mein my belief that women may yell and object a lot while being spanked, but after the spanking they want to make up and make love with "the big bully" who spanked them for their temper tantrum. It restores my confidence in both sexes - Him that he dares to spank, and Her that she appreciates him as a Man who takes her in hand. :-)

Red said...

anon; REALLY????? This is someone's art work, not reality... every couple has there own rules and ideas