Naughty men get spanked

There is a delicious nature to today's title. It very nicely gives the feeling of naughtiness, as opposed to BDSM. The owner of the site is currently on hiatus, but if you visit using a tumblr account, and put a number of likes(hearts), the activity might encourage the owner to re-start.

When you are naughty, you will be spanked

As opposed when you are BAD, you will be beaten.

This is a tumblr that has existed for about a year, and it solely features men being bared
lectured (which is sometimes more effective after the spanking
by both women
and by other men
including captioned photos
and witnesses watching your spanking
Many of the photos you have  seen elsewhere, but it is very nice to have a tumblr speciifcally for men being spanked!
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, finally, I'm one such husband who is spanked. I got lucky for the woman I married believes strongly in spankings, her mother did so with her dad. It was my mother-in-law who gave her daughter a large hairbrush as a wedding present, and a week after our honeymoon I felt it for the first time. Taken to the bedroom, my wife bared my bottom and I struggled but soon across her lap and in short time crying, pleading, when she did stop it was only to have me face the wall. Since then I must be naked, pajamas on the bed and sometimes wait, scolding always a part, after the spanking, I must wear my pajamas the rest of the day. No longer do I face the wall in the bedroom, it is the kitchen or front room, the bottoms pull down to display my spanked bottom and no matter who shows up I must not move.

Anonymous said...

Shocked best way to explain the first of many spankings. Visiting my girlfriends mother home, a couple of weeks prior to our marriage. Her mother was not a bit happy with my behavior and my girlfriend told me best cool it for the weekend. I heard the two talking, the mother told her daughter it was good for her late father, it would good for him. Stepping out of the shower the next morning my girlfriend was standing there and grabbed my arm, did not listen and before I knew it was standing naked before her and her mother. Her mother had me over her lap and my wet bottom felt the sting of her hand until I could no longer hold back and was crying. She stopped, stood me up, got up and told her daughter her turn, only thing different was a hairbrush was used. I was a mess afterwards and still him to this day after a spanking. I know I need it and my now wife feels even more strongly about that. I hate being scolded like a little boy, she pulls the pants and underpants down and most of the time it is the hairbrush that is used. My mother-in-law has witness many of the spankings and a few times has taken it upon herself to do the spankings.

Anonymous said...

My college roommate invited me to visit her mother over a long holiday weekend. I knew she had a brother and was also told her mother was on the strict side. It was the next afternoon I asked her what was happening and she smiled and said her brother was getting a spanking for being out late, at his age I said, Mother home, Mother rules. When her brother came out of the bedroom he was crying and was told to face the wall in the front room until told otherwise. It was when I started to date my husband that this came back to me. Attitude and behavior and since I'm bigger and he does not wish to lose me, he accepts the spankings, I like scolding him, pulling his pants down and undies, and to hell with the hand, the paddle does it all and talk about acting like a little boy, a naughty little boy, he does. My roommate from college has found it works for her husband also.

Anonymous said...

The first time I was spanked by my wife I thought it was something sexual for her, I soon found it was not. I was crying and rubbing when she stood me up, went to pull up my pants and underpants, told to take them off. With several more hard spanks to my sore bottom I was told to face the wall, no rubbing, talking. She finally let me leave the wall and layed the law. Now days I wait in the bedroom when told I'm getting a spanking, I undress and hands at side, if I have an erection it is not for long, she makes sure of that. I can plead, cry all I want, she will stop spanking when she feels I have learned my lesson. Always wall time, no matter who might drop in. And the one that really agrees with the spankings is her mother, she even gave her nice large paddle that gets my attention really fast. Women know how to give a spanking, and so men be ware, if your wife decides your getting a spanking, find a thick pillow to sit on if you are allowed to sit.

Anonymous said...

I walked slowly out of the bedroom, bare from the waist down, crying, rubbing my bare bottom, my wife still holding the hairbrush behind me. She told me to face the wall and I did as told, her mother was visiting and had the look of shock seeing me. Different times Mother she said, women taken charge these days. He was acting like a little boy, a naughty little boy, so this was not his first or last spanking. No rubbing she said sternly and I stopped. Does it work her mother asked, ask him, well young man she said and I said it does, but I mess up from time to time.

Njspank said...

Oh lord yes please. Terrific post, not judging but not into being spanked by another man but great pictures. Thanks

Anonymous said...

My wife is strong and the first time I let her spank me, let just say the second time I put up a fight and today I do as told. Her hand warms and stings my bare bottom and harder if I put up a fight. Spankings are done in the bedroom, I'm naked, when done taken to either the family room or kitchen to face the wall. My wife will not tolerate a adult acting like a child and if that is the case the child will be punished, and that means most times a good otk bare bottom spanking.

Baxter said...

great blog. there are a lot of tumblrs about spanking. I will visit this one


Anonymous said...

An woman somewhat older than me I was seeing saw a spanking magazine I forgot to put away. I stood there and saying nothing as she looked at the magazine. You wish this she said, at times, she just smiled and gave me the magazine. It was maybe a month later we were at her beach cabin, I was just out of the shower and she walked in a grab my arm, a couple of hard spanks to my bare bottom and soon over her lap in the bedroom. You need this for last night and let see how you really like it. Well she was very good and after standing facing the wall she had me sit on her lap. I hugged her and said I needed that and rubbing my warm bottom she said she knew even before the magazine. We dated for a few months and she and I parted. A year later I saw her I was seeing a girl my age and we talked and she brought up the spankings. My girlfriend smiled and said, he did not bring that up, he acts like a little boy at times, a naughty little boy and acts even more so across my lap. That is why you are squirming she said to me, I said yes. A couple of days ago I was spanked, I told her it is always bare bottom, the hand and the hairbrush, my girlfriend said nothing sexual, just a good sound spanking. Well we are married, the spankings continue, they hurt, I cry and plead. Facing the wall with the bottom on display is the worse and when very naughty I stand facing the wall naked, no matter who drops in.

Anonymous said...

My wife when it comes to I needing a spanking does not put it off until we get home. I've been spanked while we are traveling, she even one time pulled the car over to the side of the road, we walked into the woods and I got a sound spanking. My mother-in-law has witness my spankings which are the worse, for my wife takes her time scolding me and I stand with my pants and underpants around my ankles as my mother-law-watches and smiles. I really hated her when she purchase a nice large hairbrush and boy does that hurt, I kick off my pants and underpants and takes a while to stop crying while facing the wall. I do admit I need to be spanked and thankful my wife feels the same.

Red said...

To all anonymous: please pick a fictitious name, and write it at the end of the message you post. Thus, no need to repeat messages every few days, and thus you can write about your more recent spanking.

anon#1: hope you knew about this before you were married, and that the spankings are accepted consensually.

anon#2: at least you knew before you were married, and it appears consensual to make the marriage agreeably happy.

anon#3: I know it works in our home, and the spanking idea is consensual. Glad it works for you.

anon#4 :sounds perfect

anon#5: perfect

ron: ditto

anon#6: best to behave

baxter: so many many many

anon #7 Enjoy ,behaving better, if you want to stop the spankings

anon#8: glad it works for both people
bottoms up

Tomy Nash said...

First time was when we were getting ready to move in together; before we were married. We had a major disagreement about something I won't go into.

She had only spanked me as a play thing once before. So when she suddenly took control and paddled my bottom with a long-handled bath brush I was shocked to say the least.

It was definitely a disciplinary spanking and it came to be followed by over 20 years of a happy home life.

Red said...

Tomy:Hope both you and your wife are well, and thus a happy home with you being spanked when necessary sounds absolutely delightful
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I knew of a guy who was generally nice to everyone but every so often he would gradually become bitchier and hard to get along with. He would eventually ask his wife to spank him, sometimes rather hard for a good, long time, so it was a little tiring for her to administer them. After he was given the spanking he needed he again became the cheerful, pleasant, helpful, nice guy but strangely enough he needed occasional spankings to keep him that way. He had children who were not spanked, but his wife was more the disciplinarian and Dad was the only one in the house who got spanked.